Barman (MW)

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  • Male
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 51: "Millennium Enemy 2: Monster World"
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Barman (MW)

The barman was a non-player character in the role-playing game Monster World. He was located in the village


The barman met Yugi, Joey, Anzu and Hiroto when they arrived at the village looking for information. Claiming to be adventurers, Joey asked him how they could earn gold. The barman sighed and said "If money could solve our problems, I'd give you all I've got... but before you could claim your reward, you'd be dead!" before moving away. However Joey insisted on hearing what the problem what was, so the barman told him how the village was once peaceful until Zorc assassinated the king, turned his castle into a den of evil and terrorized the area with monsters. The barman then instructed the party to speak with "Villager D" to get directions to Zorc Castle.