Beast Gear World (series)

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Beast Gear World
Yoshio Atachi with "Motor Wolf", "Gyro Jackal", and "Buggy Dog of the Beast Gear World" in "Beast Gear World".
  • じゅうかい
  • 獣機界 (base)
  • じゅうきかい (ruby)
  • Jūkikai (romanized)
  • Beast Machine World (translated)

OCG Sets

Anime appearances

Beast Gear World, known as Beast Machine World (じゅうかい Jūkikai) in Japanese, is a series of Beast-Warrior monsters used by Yoshio Atachi in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. Design-wise, they are based on anthropomorphic animals in biker gear from a post-apocalyptic setting.


Name Origin
Buggy Dog Buggy + Dog
Catapult Devilkong Catapult + Monkey
Gyro Jackal Drone + Jackal
King Convoy Ligeon Convoy truck + Lion
Motor Wolf Motorcycle + Wolf
Trike Fox Trike + Fox