Black Crown shopkeeper

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Black Crown shopkeeper
Black Crown shopkeeper
English name
  • Shopkeeper
Japanese name
  • Male
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! episode 04646: "Dungeon Dice Monsters, Part 1"
Appears in
Japanese voice
  • Junji Sanechika
Black Crown shopkeeper

The Black Crown shopkeeper is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. In the ending credits, he is simply called shopkeeper (店主 tenshu).


The shopkeeper and Duke Devlin observed Yugi Muto from a window in the Black Crown. The shopkeeper said that people say Yugi cannot be defeated in Duel Monsters and that he won Duelist Kingdom, defeating Maximillion Pegasus, but commented that he might not take up Dungeon Dice Monsters. But Duke was confident he could drag Yugi into the Dungeon Dice Monsters battlefield by taking away everything dear to him. The shopkeeper noted Duke's spirit and asked if he had a motive beyond promoting Dungeon Dice Monsters, calling him Otogi-chan (-chan is often condescend when used for adolescent males). Duke scolded him for prying into his business and said defeating Yugi would increase the appeal of Dungeon Dice Monsters around the world, which should make the shopkeeper happy.[1]

(The dialogue exchange had a number of differences in the English dub; The shopkeeper expressed disbelief in Yugi being able to beat Pegasus and Duke said a cheater can win any game. He claimed that Yugi would not be able to beat Duke at his own game. Duke replied that the trap was set, he would soon face Yugi on his battlefield, strip him of his honor, and expose what he really is to the world. The shopkeeper said that he hoped Duke knew what he was getting into this time. The Otogi-chan taunt is replaced with "Dukey-boy". Duke scolded him, saying he hired him to run his game shop, never to question him. The shopkeeper said that the money would really pour in once Duke is champ. Duke thought to himself that money was for greedy people such as the shopkeeper, while he was after a greater prize, the total destruction of Yugi Muto.)[1]

When Joey Wheeler arrived at the Black Crown to Duel Duke, the shopkeeper showed him and his friends, Yugi, Téa Gardner, and Tristan Taylor, to the Duel Ring in the store.[1]


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