Blair Flannagan's Maiden in Love

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Blair Flannagan's Maiden in Love
Blair Flannagan's Maiden in Love
EnglishBlair Flannagan's Maiden in Love
  • February 25, 2020 – March 5, 2020
Card Trader EX
  • February 25, 2020 – March 12, 2020

Blair Flannagan's [sic] Maiden in Love is an event that occurred in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It allows the player to unlock Blair Flannigan as a playable character.

Event details[edit]

Challenging Blair Flannigan[edit]

Duel World (GX) during the event
A Special Lunch

During this event, the player earns Special Lunches by Dueling in Duel World (except at the Gate or against The Vagrant) or Ranked Duels. The first two times the player earns Special Lunches from a Duel per day, they receive 10 bonus Special Lunches.

Blair Flannigan initially appears with her Level 10 Deck in Duel World (GX). After defeating her, she will start to appear in Duel World (GX); this appearance is time-based. She can also be Dueled against at the Gate. At first, she will only be able to be challenged at Level 10. To challenge her at higher Levels (up to Level 40), the player needs to defeat her at least once at the highest available Level (e.g. she needs to be defeated at Level 10 before she can be challenged at Level 20).

In order to challenge Blair Flannigan at a certain Level, the player needs to spend a corresponding amount of Special Lunches, which is as follows:

Level 10 Level 20 Level 30 Level 40
Rewards:x 1 5 Special Lunches 10 Special Lunches 20 Special Lunches 40 Special Lunches
Rewards:x 2 10 Special Lunches 20 Special Lunches 40 Special Lunches 80 Special Lunches
Rewards:x 3 15 Special Lunches 30 Special Lunches 60 Special Lunches 120 Special Lunches

Pair Duels[edit]

Duel World (GX) while a Pair Duel is available.

From February 28, 2020 onwards, Jaden/Yubel & Alexis Rhodes can be challenged for a Pair Duel in Duel World (GX). The NPCs are paired with each other, and the player is paired with Blair Flannigan.

Their spawn rate is determined by the Love Meter. When it reaches 100%, Jaden/Yubel & Alexis Rhodes will spawn. The player can increase the Love Meter by Dueling in Duel World or Ranked Duels. If the player gains Love Meter while they are under 100% Love Meter, the amount over 100% is carried over after the Pair Duel. From March 2, 2020 onwards, after a Duel, there is a chance the player will receive a Love Meter Boost, which will triple the amount of Love Meter gained in their next Duel.

Love Meter rewards
Opponent Victory Loss
Blair Flannigan Lvl: 10 3% 2%
Blair Flannigan Lvl: 20 6% 3%
Blair Flannigan Lvl: 30 9% 5%
Blair Flannigan Lvl: 40 12% 6%
Ranked Duels 12% 6%
Legendary Duelist Lvl: 10 3% 2%
Legendary Duelist Lvl: 20 6% 3%
Legendary Duelist Lvl: 30 9% 5%
Legendary Duelist Lvl: 40 12% 6%
The Vagabond 10% 5%
Standard Duelist 5% 3%

When challenging Jaden/Yubel & Alexis Rhodes, the player can chose to Duel against their Level 20 or Level 40 Decks. At first, only the Level 20 Deck is available, and the player must defeat each lower level Deck to unlock the subsequent level. Depending on their Level, the player gains additional Duel Assessment after defeating them, with their Level 20 version rewarding an extra 2000 points, and Level 40 rewarding 4000. The event points multiplier is 16, regardless of their Level. They are more likely to drop Rainbow Packs than normal.

By winning a Pair Duel after accumulating at least 1,200,000 event points, the player unlocks Blair Flannigan as a playable character.

From March 2, 2020 onwards, when the player defeats Jaden/Yubel & Alexis Rhodes for the first time, Jaden/Yubel & Blair Flannigan will spawn in Duel World (GX) with their Level 40 Deck. While facing them, Alexis is partnered with the player instead of Blair.

After defeating them for the first time, Pair Duels Level 60 become available. In addition to that, either Jaden/Yubel & Alexis Rhodes or Jaden/Yubel & Blair Flannigan may spawn when a Pair Duel is made available.

Event Points[edit]

In this event, the player earns Event Points exclusively by Dueling Blair Flannigan. The player earns a number of Event Points equal to their Duel Result, multiplied by the Point Multiplier for that Deck level. The point multipliers are as follows:

Level 10 20 30 40
Multiplier 1 3 7 16


This story takes place after the incidents from the Blair Flannigan Roaming Duelist event. During the event, once the player logs into Duel Links for the first time since the event started (or if already logged-in, once the player enters a Duel World Area, if they weren't at one already), they will be greeted by a cutscene.

Blair Flannigan announces she's back in Duel Links, once again trying to win the heart of Jaden Yuki. This time, however, she plans on using her Special Lunches, described by her as "tastier than Eggwiches", in addition to her own Dueling.

Another cutscene will be played when the player Duels against Blair Flannigan for the first time using one of the following characters:

  • Jaden Yuki: Jaden and Blair greet each other with joy. Blair then tells Jaden to eat all of the lunches she's cooked for him. Despite wanting to, Jaden tells her that he can't eat all of it because the other Duelists are fighting for her food too. Blair then becomes disappointed, as she realizes she did cook too much.
  • Zane Truesdale: Blair tells Zane she's been watching his Duels in the Pro League, and that despite liking his new look, she misses the time when he would respect his opponents. Far from being the hero he once was to her, she acknowledges how Zane has changed, and he tells Blair the same. She replies she has grown up, and so have her skills.
  • Bastion Misawa: Blair is surprised to see Bastion, as she hadn't noticed him in Duel Links before, but remembers she hasn't seen him in Duel Academy either. She tells him to watch out not to miss any classes. Bastion then gives Blair an advice, saying that one day she would find the path she must travel, and when that time comes, she must believe in herself. Blair is confused by his statement, and simply says she will keep it in mind.

After defeating Blair Flannigan Level 10 at the Gate for the first time, she will appear in a cutscene and say "The power of love only makes me stronger!".

On February 28, 2020, a new cutscene is unlocked. Tyranno Hassleberry invites Blair to participate in a Pair Duel. At first she's happy, thinking that she would be partnered with Jaden, but Hassleberry tells her that he's already paired Jaden with Alexis, for being the top students in the Academy. As Blair gets angrier for not only being separated from Jaden, but also for him being paired with Alexis, Hassleberry tries to calm her down by saying that there is a way for her to Duel alongside Jaden, which is by using a special card exclusive to Pair Duels.

After defeating Jaden/Yubel & Alexis Rhodes Level 40, from March 3, 2020 onwards, a new cutscene is played. Alexis scolds Jaden for not taking the Duel seriously, at which point Blair sees a chance to use "Partner Change". With Alexis' approval, they switch partners. Blair is very happy for finally being able to Duel by Jaden's side, and he does not seem to mind the change of partner. As Alexis sees that Jaden is content with her leaving, she sets out to beat both Jaden and Blair in the rest of the Pair Duel.

After defeating Jaden/Yubel & Blair Flannigan for the first time, a new cutscene is played. Jaden tells Alexis he always has fun when Dueling with her, and Alexis says she feels the same, as she destroys "Partner Change" with "Mystical Space Typhoon". Blair is forced to return to her previous partner, and angry that Jaden and Alexis are together again, she says she better win the Pair Duel this time.


Cumulative Rewards[edit]

The following rewards were awarded during this event, based on event points accumulated over the course of the event:

Points Event Rewards
10000 5 Gems
20000 5000 Gold
30000 5 Gems
40000 10 R Jewels
60000 1 EXP Booster
80000 5 Gems
110000 10 R Jewels
140000 5000 Gold
170000 1 Extra Card
200000 10 Gems
230000 1 "Jenis, Lightsworn Mender"
260000 10 R Jewels
290000 1 Results Booster
320000 10 Gems
350000 5 Skill Chips
380000 20 R Jewels
410000 10 Gems
440000 1 Extra Life
470000 40 Special Lunches
500000 1 "Cupid's Kiss" (Glossy)
530000 10 Gems
560000 5000 Gold
590000 20 R Jewels
620000 10 Gems
650000 5 Skill Chips
680000 5000 Gold
710000 1 Extra Card
740000 20 Gems
770000 40 Special Lunches
800000 Card Sleeves: Blair Flannagan's [sic] Maiden in Love
840000 20 Gems
880000 30 R Jewels
920000 5000 Gold
960000 20 Gems
1000000 5 Skill Chips
Points Event Rewards
1050000 5000 Gold
1100000 1 Extra Life
1150000 20 Gems
1200000 1 "Maiden in Love" (Prismatic)
1300000 20 Gems
1400000 30 R Jewels
1500000 5000 Gold
1600000 20 Gems
1700000 5 Skill Chips
1800000 1 SR Jewel
1900000 10000 Gold
2000000 20 Gems
2100000 Game Mat: Blair Flannagan's [sic] Maiden in Love
2200000 20 Gems
2400000 40 R Jewels
2600000 5 Skill Chips
2800000 15000 Gold
3000000 30 Gems
3200000 1 UR Jewel
3400000 1 "Lyla, Twilightsworn Enchantress"
3600000 1 EXP Booster
3800000 15000 Gold
4000000 30 Gems
4250000 5 Skill Chips
4500000 2 SR Jewels
4750000 1 Results Booster
5000000 1 "Familiar-Possessed - Lyna"
5250000 20000 Gold
5500000 1 UR Jewel
5750000 30 Gems
6000000 Icon
6250000 50 R Jewels
6500000 20000 Gold
6750000 30 Gems
7000000 Title: Blair Flannagan's [sic] Maiden in Love Completed

Duel Rewards[edit]

When Dueling against Blair Flannigan Level 40 or higher, these are the only cards that can drop; at lower levels, cards from the standard pool for Legendary Duelists may also drop.

Rarity Card
UR "Familiar-Possessed - Lyna", "Maiden in Love"
SR "Lyla, Twilightsworn Enchantress", "Herald of Green Light", "Cupid's Kiss"
R "Jenis, Lightsworn Mender", "Happy Marriage", "Defense Maiden"
N "Wing Egg Elf", "Muse-A"

Card Trader EX[edit]

An EX Jewel (Blair)

The Card Trader EX appears during this event and remains open until one week after its conclusion. The player can trade their EX Jewels for cards, Booster Items, Gold, and Skill Chips. Each card and Booster Item can only be obtained once from the Card Trader EX during this event, but the Gold can be obtained any number of times.

EX Jewels Item
100 10000 Gold
10 1000 Gold
1 100 Gold
50 5 Results Booster
50 5 EXP Booster
50 5 Extra Life
50 5 Extra Card
100 10 Skill Chips
300 1 "Maiden in Love"
100 1 "Lyla, Twilightsworn Enchantress"
100 1 "Herald of Green Light"
100 1 "Cupid's Kiss"
100 1 "Herald of Purple Light"
100 1 "Milla the Temporal Magician"
100 1 "Gishki Ariel"
30 1 "Jenis, Lightsworn Mender"
30 1 "Happy Marriage"
30 1 "Defense Maiden"
30 1 "Gishki Emilia"
10 1 "Wing Egg Elf"
10 1 "Muse-A"
10 1 "Lady of Faith"

Event Missions[edit]

These missions were available from the start of the event.

Event Mission Reward
Win 1 Duel(s) against Blair Flannigan at Level 10 in Duel World. 10 EX Jewels
Win 1 Duel(s) against Blair Flannigan at Level 20 in Duel World. 20 EX Jewels
Win 1 Duel(s) against Blair Flannigan at Level 30 in Duel World. 30 EX Jewels
Win 1 Duel(s) against Blair Flannigan at Level 40 in Duel World. 40 EX Jewels
Win 20 Duel(s) against Blair Flannigan in Duel World. 20 EX Jewels
Win 40 Duel(s) against Blair Flannigan in Duel World. 40 EX Jewels
Play 30 Duel(s) against Blair Flannigan in Duel World. 60 EX Jewels
Play 60 Duel(s) against Blair Flannigan in Duel World. 60 EX Jewels

The following missions were added on February 28, 2020.

Event Mission Reward
Win 1 Pair Duel(s) at Level 20. 20 EX Jewels
Win 1 Pair Duel(s) at Level 40. Card Sleeves: Pair Duel (Jaden/Yubel & Alexis Rhodes)
Win 1 Duel(s) with "Maiden in Love" in your Deck, while playing as Blair Flannigan. 10 Gems
Summon "Maiden in Love" 1 time(s). 10 Gems
Summon "Maiden in Love" 2 time(s). 20 Gems
Summon "Maiden in Love" 3 time(s). 20 Gems
Reduce your opponent's LP to 0 by inflicting battle damage with "Maiden in Love." 30 Gems

The following missions were added on March 2, 2020.

Daily Missions[edit]

Event Mission Reward
Win 1 Pair Duel(s) at Level 60. Card Sleeves: Pair Duel (Jaden/Yubel & Blair Flannigan)
Win 10 Pair Duel(s). 10 Skill Chips
Event Mission Reward
Play 1 Duel(s) in Ranked Duels (surrenders are not counted.) 20 Special Lunches
Play 2 Duel(s) in Ranked Duels (surrenders are not counted.) 20 Special Lunches
Play 3 Duel(s) in Ranked Duels (surrenders are not counted.) 20 Special Lunches