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Blair Flannigan
Blair Flannigan
English name
  • Blair Flannigan
Japanese translatedRei Saotome
Japanese name
Japanese早乙女さおとめ レイ
Base早乙女 レイ
Furiganaさおとめ レイ
RōmajiSaotome Rei
  • Female
SchoolDuel Academy
Tag Force
  • Serene Silence
  • The Power of Love
Tag Force 2
  • Maiden Kiss
  • Maiden Lipstick
  • Maiden Touch
  • Maiden Strike
  • Maiden Engage
  • Maiden Sadness
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force
Appears in
PlayStation 2Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force Evolution
Japanese voice
  • Eri Sendai
Flannigan, Blair

Blair Flannigan, known as Rei Saotome (早乙女さおとめ レイ, Saotome Rei) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force video game series. This is a video game depiction of Blair Flannigan, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime.


Tag Force[edit]

Blair is a Tier 2 character. She can be found in the Slifer Red dorm disguised as a boy, either in the Cafeteria or in Bawnji's room, where she will mention Zane and blush but not say much else.

If the player shows Blair a barette, a bandanna and a hat obtained by having their relations with Zane, Syrus and Alexis reach at least 4 hearts, Blair will run off and disappear from the overworld for the most part. She can only be found during classtime, at the top-left of the Slifer Red dorm's empty area, and will be undisguised.

Blair's Deck Recipes are obtained separately, and she gives the player a different reward for each. Her disguised self gives the player a "Muka Muka" card, while obtaining her second Deck Recipe has her giving the player 3 copies of "Maiden in Love".

The player cannot partner with Blair's disguised self for Part 2 and Part 3.

Tag Force 2[edit]

Blair is a Tier 1 character the player can partner with from the very beginning of the game.

An alternate version of Blair, dressed as an Obelisk Blue student, can be unlocked in a special event duel against Jasmine and Mindy. To unlock this event, the player must be partnered with Blair, she must have been defeated a multiple of 15 times, and UMD Recognition must have been performed with Tag Force.

After the event is finished, she will be available in Free Duel Mode as a partner and opponent. but she cannot be selected as a partner for Story Mode and does not appear outside of the special event.

Tag Force 3[edit]

Blair's disguised storyline ending picture.

Blair has four storylines in this game: as a Slifer Red student, as an Obelisk Blue student, disguised as a boy, and as her younger self. The alternate storylines are unlocked by finishing her first story, or by defeating her 10 times. Her younger selves can be unlocked prematurely by doing UMD Recognition with Tag Force.


Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes
  • Jam
  • Sweet Bean Paste
  • Hot Pepper
  • Phantom Pepper
  • Spicy Curry
  • Cream
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Spicy Fish Egg
  • Kimchi
  • Chocolate
  • All other sandwiches
  • Plain
  • Truffle
  • Caviar
  • Steak
  • Top-Grade Salad
  • Foie Gras
  • Lobster
  • None



Tag Force[edit]


A boy enrolled in Slifer Red.

He has a slender build, close to that of a girl.

He talks like any boy would talk, but at times his mannerisms are almost like those of a girl.

Although he's a boy, he can never be found with the other boys in the locker room, and always showers alone, just like a girl would do.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say this boy is actually a girl.


A girl who chases after Zane.
She took the Academy's entrance examination just so she could enroll to see him everyday.
Her personality could be described as obsessive. She's definitely the jealous type. So jealous in fact that she'll go overboard and confuse those around her.

Her Deck reflects the feelings of a maiden in love. She hopes to someday conver her feelings to that special someone through a duel.
Her main card is called "Maiden in Love". It's actually a monster that takes the opponent captive.

And since she's only in the 5th grade, she can't get into the high school level Duel Academy.

Tag Force 2[edit]

A first year student who lives in Slifer Red's Girl's Dorm.
Although the age of a middle school student, Blair is allowed to enter Duel Academy and move up in grades after making it to the finals of the school's GX tournament.
At her class's opening ceremony, she serves as class representative and greets everyone. Among all of this year's first year students, she probably shows the most ability.

Blair has a huge crush on Jaden, and probably a big reason why she decides to skip grades and enter Duel Academy is that she really wants to see him. It's expected that she will enter Obelisk Blue's Girl's Dorm since all female students, regardless of their academic achievements, live there.
However, Blair wants to be close to Jaden, and wishes to become Slifer Red's first-ever female resident. Since she's the only girl at Slifer Red, she wears her own unique uniform. (She commandeers the room Chazz reformed and starts staying there.)
Blair is quite the busybody, and is known to cook up homemade food she calls Stamina Lunchboxes for people who aren't in the best of spirits.

She likes to play a "Maiden in Love Deck" which contains the cute card, Maiden in Love. There couldn't be a more suitable Deck for someone who's so crazy about romance.
Be careful not to admire these cards for too long! On top of stealing your monsters, they might steal your heart away too!

At the moment, she's very much infatuated with Jaden.
After joining Duel Academy, she goes all out to win him over, but she doesn't get anywhere at all.

She really likes food that is either sweet or spicy.


Tag Force[edit]







A boy enrolled in Osiris Red.

He has a small and slender build, similar to a girl's.

His wording and manners are usually fairly boy-ish, but sometimes they are far too similar to a girl's.

He seems to dislike showering with the other boys, and always bathes alone, just like a girl.

At the end of the day, he is just too much like a girl.





A girl chasing after Ryo Marufuji.
She took Duel Academy's entrance examination for the express purpose of seeing him every day.
Her personality seems to be straightforward, and she is very jealous and confrontational.
Sometimes she gets too absorbed in her own thoughts and ignores her surroundings entirely, to the confusion of other people.

She uses Decks that express the feelings of a maiden in love, and wants to convey them to her special person in a duel.
Her key card is "Maiden in Love", a rather unnerving card that steals the monsters of her opponents by seducing them.

As she is a fifth-year elementary school student, she cannot actually enroll in a high school such as Duel Academy for the time being.

Tag Force 2[edit]






A first-year student in Duel Academy's Osiris Red dormitory.
Her age is that of an elementary school student, but she was admitted into the high school level Duel Academy due to being the runner-up of the Genex Tournament that took place on the island.
She was selected to greet the new students at the beginning of the current year, which means she is probably seen as one of the people with the most potential among the new students.

Completely smitten over Judai Yuki. Seeing her beloved Judai every day seems to have been her reason to skip grades and enter Duel Academy.
Female students are supposed to always be automatically placed in the Obelisk Blue dormitory, regardless of their grades, but as she desired to be as close to Judai as possible, she is now the first female resident of the Osiris Red dorm.
Being its only female resident, she designed her own exclusive uniform.
(And it appears she hijacked Jun Manjoume's room for her own use.)
Rather nosey and full of energy. If she sees someone who does not seem to be doing too well, she will make what she calls a "Stamina Bento" for them.

She uses Decks based around cute girls, including her trademark "Maiden in Love".
They are a perfect match for someone as fixated on love and romance as she is.
They can steal people's hearts as well as their monsters though, so do be careful!

As far as boys are concerned, Judai is her world.
She has been trying to make some rather aggressive advances on Judai since the year began, but she has not made any progress so far.

She likes sweet food and spicy food.

Tag Force Special[edit]



性格せいかく一途いちず(?)で、かつきもちき。 それらがぎるあまり周囲しゅうい混乱こんらんんでしまうこともしばしば。


A girl who chased after Ryo Marufuji all the way to Duel Academy.

Wanting to see Ryo every day, she posed as a boy and took Duel Academy's entrance examination. However, due to only being a fifth-grade elementary school student, she eventually had to leave the island.

Her personality seems to be straightforward, and she is very jealous and confrontational. Sometimes she gets too absorbed in her own thoughts and ignores her surroundings entirely, to the constant confusion of other people.

The dynamism and energy of a maiden in love should not be underestimated.

Ending scenes[edit]


Tag Force[edit]

Blair uses this Deck while disguised.

Blair uses this Deck during Part 1 only if undisguised. She also uses it while she is the player's partner during Part 2 and Part 3.

Tag Force 2[edit]

  • Blair uses this Deck if the player's Deck has any Forbidden cards.

  • Blair uses this Deck during the sixth event of Chazz's story.

  • Blair uses this Deck during any Page 2 or 3 Character's Third Event, partnered with Chazz.

  • Blair uses this Deck during the fifth event for Jesse and for any Page 2 or 3 character, both times partnered with Jaden.

Tag Force 3[edit]

Current Blair[edit]

Younger Blair[edit]

Tag Force Special[edit]