Blister's apartment

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Blister's apartment.

Blister's apartment is the residence of Blister. It is located in New Domino City. It is primarily used by Blister as a base of operations for developing and constructing his gadgets. He keeps a memento here in the form of a damaged "Machina Sniper" card, in memory of his friendship with Aero.


Fortune Cup[edit]

Blister brought Yusei here after he rescued him from being followed by Rex Goodwin's henchmen. Here, he worked on developing a fake identity for Yusei to use in order to gain access to the Security storage warehouse.[1]

Dark Signers[edit]

After the Fortune Cup, Yusei, Bolt Tanner, Yanagi, Leo and Luna all stayed here where they discussed the Crimson Dragon and Signers. That night, Yusei spotted a Shadow Drone outside, causing him to leave the apartment in order to pursue the person.[2] The morning after, Yusei returned shortly, before Tetsu Trudge arrived and said he would haul him due to the city no safe refuge for him.[3]

Video games[edit]

Reverse of Arcadia[edit]

After Carly Carmine destroys the Arcadia Movement building with "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu", the player lives in Blister's apartment, sleeping on the sofa.


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