Bochi (GO RUSH!!)

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  • Bochi
  • Male
  • Duelist
DeckHeartless Hound
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episode 0088: "Good Manya-nya from the TV Kingdom"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Voice actors
  • Takuma Nagatsuka[1]
Bochi (GO RUSH!!)

Bochi (ボチ Bochi) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. He is an alien currently in the care of Manya Atachi, who initially came to Mutsuba Town to eliminate the Sogetsu Clan, until he had a change of heart after coming in contact with Manabu Sogetsu.



Full-body view and line art of Bochi in his dog form

In his dog form, Bochi closely resembles Bochi from Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. He is a small dark brown dog with white markings, and wears a spiked collar.

In his alien form, Bochi closely resembles Yosh Imimi in his Good Max outfit. In this form, his head stays the same along with keeping his spiked collar, but, he is taller and more muscular with a more human body than dog. He wears a dark maroon skin suit with a blue chest plate on top, with black shoulder plates each with a silver spike on top, both with a golden rim, blue arm-guards, with a gold rim, and ankle guards under a darker blue knee guard with gold strap, a grey belt with a gold buckle and a maroon cape.



Bochi has the ability to transform between 2 forms, a dog and a warrior. However, he requires energy to maintain his warrior form and will transform back to his dog form once he has used up too much energy. As an alien from the Bow Wow Wow Cluster, he uses this ability to perform the Wicked Fist of the Beloved Dog Style, n assassination technique where the user infiltrates the enemy in their dog form so that they can attack when least expected. However, he no longer uses this technique as he finds it cowardly.



Bochi was searching for a warrior that could become his prey, when he found the Sogetsu Style. He decided that he wanted to ruin the Sogetsu Style with his Wicked Fist of the Beloved Dog Style, so he decided to get close to Manabu Sogetsu, the current heir to the style. However, when Manabu was sent away after being discovered with Bochi, Bochi believed he was abandoned and desired vengeance against Manabu. Having failed his mission, Bochi lost purpose, until meeting Manya Atachi in a rainy. Watching her try so hard to achieve her dream of becoming a famous actor, he realized his style was cowardly and decided that he would use his strength to protect her, revealing his abilities to Manya and her manager, London Kirishima.[2]

Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!![edit]

Bochi accompanied Manya to Mutsuba Town for her Rush Duels against a local elementary school team, wandering through the Mutsuba Cable Studio.[3] Manabu, now an agent of MIK, came to the station in pursuit of Bochi, so after Manya's Duel with her childhood friend Yuamu Ohdo, Bochi asked Manya and London for permission to Rush Duel Manabu, as he desired to see how strong Manabu had become in his absence. When Bochi was revealed to the audience, he transformed into his humanoid form and claimed to Manabu he wanted revenge for being abandoned in the hopes of strengthening Manabu's resolve. Bochi Summoned "Heartless Hound Thunder Emperor Drainu" on his first turn, but Manabu easily weakened it and destroyed it with "Blast Examiner". Bochi praised the strength of the Sogetsu Style, prompting Manabu to explain their past and admit he'd joined MIK in the hopes of finding the alien he believed had kidnapped Bochi, giving Bochi the chance to reveal his true intentions behind befriending Manabu. He Summoned "Heartless Hound Martial Master Shiba" and revived "Drainu", almost defeating Manabu, but on his next turn Manabu declared the experiment over and Summoned "Chemicalize Salamander", using its effect to exploit the large number of monsters Bochi had sent to the Graveyard to lower the ATK of his monsters and defeat him. Pleased by Manabu's victory, Bochi burst into proud tears and admitted his deception, apologizing to Manabu for fooling him in the past. Manabu forgave Bochi, accepting he was happy serving Manya.[2]

Although Manabu's victory had given the local team the win, the Duels continued due to Yuhi Ohdo wanting to Duel and Manabu being judged as not part of the UTS team, but Chupataro Kaburagi suddenly broke through the wall.[2] Chupataro demanded to Rush Duel, and after learning he had incapacitated London, Bochi moved to oppose Chupataro, but transformed back into his dog form, having used all his power during his Rush Duel with Manabu, so Yudias Velgear, another alien, accepted Chupataro's challenge instead. During the Rush Duel Chupataro Summoned "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan", and a substance emerged from his Duel Disk and entered "Meeeg-chan", materializing her in the physical world. Meeeg-chan mistook Bochi for Shoruta, a dog from her farm, and chased him down, berating Bochi for not shepherding her as he was supposed to. She then mistook Yudias for an evil alien and took over the Duel for Chupataro, physically attacking Yudias and blowing Bochi away with the force of the attack. Although Meeeg-chan attacked Yudias during his turn, he was able to defeat her, causing her to disappear after the Rush Duel, while MIK took Chupataro away.[4]


Bochi uses a Heartless Hound Deck, based on dogs and dog-like warriors that are named after a combination of dog breeds and their weapons of choice. The Deck revolves around continuously Summoning monsters from the Graveyard, sent there using different card effects, to generate a field presence of powerful, high-Level monsters.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Manabu Sogetsu 9 Lose


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