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"Bonding - H2O"
  • ボンディング
  • Bondingu (romanized)
  • Liaison
  • O-Verbindung
  • Legame -
  • 본딩
  • Ligação
  • Mezcla -
Anime appearances

"Bonding" (ボンディング Bondingu) is an archetype of Spell and Trap Cards used by Bastion Misawa in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. It works in tandem with the so-called "Chemical" series, which consists of a small number of cards named after and formed from things like elements and minerals, like hydrogen. The trump card of the series is "Water Dragon" and its newer cousin "Water Dragon Cluster".

One member of the "Chemical" series, "Hyozanryu", was not first used by Bastion Misawa, but instead by Seto Kaiba in the second series anime. All monsters of this "Chemical" series are Effect Monsters, except for the Normal Monster "Hyozanryu".


"Bonding" Spell/Trap cards

Bonding Cost Summoned monster Origin
D2O 2 Duoterions +
1 Oxygeddon
Water Dragon /
Water Dragon Cluster
Heavy water
DHO 1 Duoterion +
1 Hydrogeddon +
1 Oxygeddon
Water Dragon Cluster Semiheavy water
H2O 2 Hydrogeddons + 1 Oxygeddon Water Dragon Water

"Chemical" monsters

Card Origin
Carboneddon Carbon
Duoterion Deuterium
Hydrogeddon Hydrogen
Hyozanryu Diamond
Oxygeddon Oxygen
Water Dragon Water
Water Dragon Cluster Water cluster

Playing style[edit]

The main goal of the "Bonding" archetype is to use the "Bonding" Spells in combination with "Hydrogeddon", "Oxygeddon" and "Duoterion" to Summon "Water Dragon" and "Water Dragon Cluster". While most of the cards of this archetype are pretty old, they can still be used to some effect, especially if some other tools are involved.

The old strategy of using "Bonding - H2O" to gain a "Water Dragon" can still be considered for the deck, since it potentially counters FIRE decks. Note that, due to its habit of affecting your own monsters as well, cards such as "DNA Surgery" and "DNA Transplant" should be avoided, since it would render the entire deck pointless: Water Dragon would reduce your own monsters' ATK to 0 as well, making monsters on both sides of the field unable to destroy anything by battle as well as obviously dealing no damage.

The components for the chemical reactions are as follows: "Hydrogeddon" can summon copies of itself from the deck by destroying opposing monsters, while "Oxygeddon" provides a burn effect if it is destroyed while battling a Pyro-monster. So, from the original line-up "Hydrogeddon" is passable, while "Oxygeddon" is horrible. Newer support came in form of "Duoterion", who searches "Bonding" Spells for being discarded and revives its kin upon being summoned. "Duoterion" is a nice card, but with the drawback of being a Level 5 monster, therefore requiring Tribute if not being summoned otherwise. There is another monster that belongs to this archetype by the name of "Carboneddon", but one seriously has to ask why the monster should appear in your deck. It gets bigger when fighting FIRE monsters, and it can be banished from the GY to search for a Level 7 or lower Normal Dragon monster. In the anime, the target for this effect was "Hyozanryu", but neither it nor "Carboneddon" have any reason to be in a "Bonding" deck.

"Water Dragon's" second effect allows it to re-summon the components used for its Summon. This floating effect allows the "Bonding" player to have a nice, little toolbox of monsters for summon shenanigans. Both "Hydrogeddon" and "Oxygeddon" are Level 4, allowing for Rank 4 Summons; they are perfectly useable for Link Summons; and they are obviously exactly what you need to summon another "Water Dragon", so either "Bonding – H2O" or another Summon combined with a different "Bonding" card will fetch you "Water Dragon" or "Water Dragon Cluster".

Unless you are already going against a deck that plays either FIRE of Pyro monster, stop wasteing your time, resources and deck consistency to change the opponent's monsters Attributes or Types to allow "Water Dragon's" effect to go live. With "Water Dragon Cluster" being a perfectly good way of making the most of your "Water Dragons", there is no reason to fill deck slots with "Scroll of Bewitchment" or the like. However, one strategy that the "Bonding" player can make full use of when thinking about "Water Dragon's" effect is giving the opponent monsters with the right requirements. "Volcanic Queen", "Lava Golem" and Kaijus like "Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju" can make use of the opponent's resources and hurt him even harder than normal, since the summoned monsters would have 0 ATK instead of the normally high stats they sport. All three monsters are also handy non-destruction removal tools and can get rid of monsters take the deck normally couldn't take care of.

For a long time, this deck had almost no outside support worth running, but times have changed. While "Water Dragon" and "Water Dragon Cluster" are both Sea Serpents, they don't really need anything in terms of outside support, since they can only be summoned via "Bonding" Spells and will fetch themselves from almost anywhere themselves. The component monsters are actually the ones that need to be summoned and searched for, but this is not a problem anymore since all of the component monsters are Dinosaurs, and this certainly opens the door to a whole new world of support. "Babycerasaurus" can search for both "Hydrogeddon" and "Oxygeddon", while "Petiteranodon" can search for the two and, additionally, for "Duoterion". "Souleating Oviraptor" gives even more searching power and revive effects and "Miscellaneousaurus", while being FIRE attribute and therefore going to 0 ATK due to "Water Dragon", will work wonders from both hand and GY, therefore ignoring the drawback most of the time. "Ultimate Conductor Tyranno" is another option for an immensely powerful boss monster, that "Bonding" can access with relative ease. For even more searching use "Fossil Dig"; it can fetch any of the component monsters as well as any of the other play-enablers.

Recommended cards[edit]