Booster Pack List (WC08-VG)

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This is a Booster Pack List for "Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008".

From the Start[edit]

White Light Ruler 00 Fiery Rage 00 Chaos Knight
Dark Legend   Dark Flare Battle   Ultimate Power

Free Duel[edit]

Must beat 5 times each

My Hero 00 Defeat 3 Opponents 00 King of the Ark 00 Defeat 20 Opponents
Inhuman Creation   Defeat 6 Opponents   Rumbling Thunder   Defeat 30 Opponents
Inherited Magic   Defeat 10 Opponents   Dark Meets Light   Defeat 40 Opponents
Pitch-Dark Virtue   Defeat 15 Opponents   Mysterious Galaxy   Defeat 50 Opponents
Shocking Energy 00 Have a total of 50 Duels 00 Extreme Wisdom   Have a total of 100 Duels
Bringer of Light 00 Have a total of 200 Duels

Duel World (Worlds 1-6)[edit]

Must beat each spirit 5 times each for all spirit requirements.

Ultimate Light 00 World of Grace - All Spirits
Rousing Chaos   World of Sunlight
Absolute Nothing   World of Sunlight
Out of the Abyss   World of Sunlight (Sea) - All Spirits
Dragon Destroyer   World of Sunlight (Desert) - All Spirits
Never Setting Sun   World of Civilization
Thirst to Destroy   World of Civilization
Beyond Ultimate   World of Civilization - All Spirits
Sleeping Tomb   World of Darkness
Ultimate Darkness   World of Darkness
Venomous Dilemma   World of Darkness - All Spirits
Darkness Removed   World of Order
Bloodline Destiny   World of Order
The 7 Crystals   World of Order (Sky) - All Spirits
Ancient Gadgetry   World of Order (Clouds) - All Spirits
Mother Earth   World of Chaos
Structure Decks   World of Chaos
Magma Eruption   World of Chaos
Chaos of Nothing   World of Chaos (Neo Space) - All Spirits
Bearer of Demise   World of Chaos (Dark Realm Map) - All Spirits

Tournament Mode[edit]

Menacing Ruler 00 Clear Tournament Level 1 (5 times)
World in Between 00 Clear Tournament Level 2 (5 times)
Light from Clouds 00 Clear Tournament Level 3 (5 times)


All at Random 00 Unlock the other 39 Packs & Have 95% Card Completion Rate