Brave Battler (Duel Links)

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Brave Battler
Brave Battler
English name
  • Brave Battler
Japanese translatedBrave Max
Character typeStandard Duelist
Duel WorldDuel World (VRAINS)
First appearance onSeptember 28, 2022
English voiceMarc Thompson
Japanese voiceChiharu Sawashiro
Brave Battler
defaultsort: Brave Battler

The Brave Battler, known as Brave Max (ブレイヴ・マックス Bureivu Makkusu) in Japanese, is a Standard Duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. He appears in Duel World (VRAINS). This is a video game depiction of the Brave Battler, Naoki Shima's LINK VRAINS avatar in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.



In Duel World (VRAINS), Brave Battler uses Decks from the pool of Standard Duelist Decks for that Duel World.


  • When beginning a Duel against Soulburner, Brave Battler announces "Soulburner! I heard you had time to get a girlfriend. When you should have spent that time training!"
  • When beginning a Duel against Playmaker and Ai, Brave Battler announces "Whoooooa! It's Playmaker! This is so flash! I knew my soulmate would come see how I was doin'!"
  • When beginning a Duel against The Gore, Brave Battler announces "Watch out, Gore! Playmaker's best bud is no pushover!"
  • When beginning a Duel against Blue Angel, Brave Battler announces "Whoa! It's Blue Angel! Did ya hear your #1 fan is now the #1 hero in LINK VRAINS?"


  • The Brave Battler is the only named character from the anime to become a Standard Duelist, and the only Standard Duelist to have a personal name in the Japanese version.
  • This is the Brave Battler's first video-game appearance.