Twin-Headed Behemoth

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The Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek and Thai names given are not official. (card names)
The Chinese lore given is not official.
Twin-Headed Behemoth
Doru Dora
Dol Dora
Card type





Dragon / Effect


3 CG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svg


1500 / 1200



Effect types


During the End Phase, if this card is in the GY because it was destroyed on the field and sent there this turn: You can Special Summon this card, but its ATK/DEF become 1000. You can only use this effect of "Twin-Headed Behemoth" once per Duel.

English sets


2004-12-01LOD-EN063Legacy of DarknessSuper Rare
2005-01-01SD1-EN004Structure Deck: Dragon's RoarCommon
2005-07-27DB2-EN174Dark Beginning 2Common
2007-02-06CP02-EN016Champion Pack: Game TwoCommon
2007-10-24SDRL-EN010Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure DeckCommon
2011-03-04SDDL-EN017Dragunity Legion Structure DeckCommon
2012-05-24BP01-EN179Battle Pack: Epic DawnCommon
Starfoil Rare
2013-06-28BP02-EN017Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsCommon
Mosaic Rare
2013-12-06YSKR-EN013Starter Deck: Kaiba ReloadedCommon
2015-10-23AP08-EN016Astral Pack EightCommon
2016-10-20SDMY-EN023Structure Deck: Yugi MutoCommon
2019-01-24SS02-ENA06Speed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of TomorrowCommon

North America

2003-06-06LOD-063Legacy of DarknessSuper Rare

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Only once per Duel

Other languages

Name Lore
French Béhémoth à Deux Têtes Durant la End Phase, si cette carte est dans le Cimetière parce qu'elle a été détruite sur le Terrain et y a été envoyée ce tour : vous pouvez Invoquer Spécialement cette carte, mais son ATK/DEF deviennent 1000. Vous ne pouvez utiliser cet effet de "Béhémoth à Deux Têtes" qu'une fois par Duel.
German Zweiköpfiger Behemoth Während der End Phase, falls diese Karte auf dem Friedhof liegt, weil sie in diesem Spielzug auf dem Spielfeld zerstört und dorthin gelegt wurde: Du kannst diese Karte als Spezialbeschwörung beschwören, aber ihre ATK/DEF werden zu 1000. Du kannst diesen Effekt von „Zweiköpfiger Behemoth“ nur einmal pro Duell verwenden.
Italian Behemoth Bifronte Durante la End Phase, se questa carta è nel Cimitero perché è stata distrutta sul Terreno e mandata lì in questo turno: puoi Evocare Specialmente questa carta, ma i suoi ATK/DEF diventano 1000. Puoi utilizzare questo effetto di "Behemoth Bifronte" una sola volta per Duello.
Portuguese Behemoth de Duas Cabeças Durante a Fase Final, se este card estiver no Cemitério porque foi destruído no campo e enviado para lá neste turno: você pode Invocar este card por Invocação-Especial, mas seu ATK/DEF se tornam 1000. Você só pode usar este efeito de "Behemoth de Duas Cabeças" uma vez por Duelo.
Spanish Behemoth de Dos Cabezas Durante la End Phase, si esta carta está en el Cementerio porque fue destruida en el Campo y mandada ahí este turno: puedes Invocar esta carta de Modo Especial, pero su ATK/DEF se convierten en 1000. Sólo puedes usar este efecto de "Behemoth de Dos Cabezas" una vez por Duelo.
Japanese ドル・ドラ このカード名の効果はデュエル中に1度しか使用できない。①:フィールドのこのカードが破壊され墓地へ送られたターンのエンドフェイズに発動できる。このカードを墓地から特殊召喚する。この効果で特殊召喚したこのカードの攻撃力・守備力は1000になる。
Doru Dora
Dol Dora
Korean 돌도라 이 카드가 필드 위에서 파괴되어 묘지로 보내졌을 경우, 엔드 페이즈에 이 카드의 공격력 / 수비력은 각각 1000 포인트가 되고 특수 소환된다. 이 효과는 듀얼 중 1번밖에 사용할 수 없다.
Chinese 多爾·多拉 這張卡從場上破壞送去墓地的場合,在結束階段這張卡以攻擊力守備力都是1000的狀態特殊召喚。這個效果在1次決鬥中只能使用1次。

Other language sets


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2005-01-01SD1-FR004Structure Deck: Dragon's RoarDeck de Structure: Rugissement des DragonsCommon
2005-07-22DB2-FR174Dark Beginning 2Genèse Ténébreuse 2Common
2007-02-06CP02-FR016Champion Pack: Game TwoPaquet du Champion: 2éme PartieCommon
2007-10-24SDRL-FR010Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure DeckLa Résurrection des Grands Dragons Deck de StructureCommon
2011-03-03SDDL-FR017Dragunity Legion Structure DeckLégion Dragunité Deck de StructureCommon
2012-05-24BP01-FR179Battle Pack: Epic DawnBattle Pack: L’Aube ÉpiqueCommon
Starfoil Rare
2013-06-27BP02-FR017Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsBattle Pack 2: La Guerre des GéantsCommon
Mosaic Rare
2013-12-05YSKR-FR013Starter Deck: Kaiba ReloadedDeck de Démarrage - Kaiba RevientCommon
2015-10-23AP08-FR016Astral Pack EightPaquet Astral HuitCommon
2016-10-20SDMY-FR023Structure Deck: Yugi MutoDeck de Structure : Yugi MutoCommon
2019-01-24SS02-FRA06Speed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of TomorrowDecks de Démarrage Speed Duel : Les Duellistes de DemainCommon


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2005-01-01SD1-DE004Structure Deck: Dragon's RoarStructure Deck: Dragon's RoarCommon
2005-07-27DB2-DE174Dark Beginning 2Dark Beginning 2Common
2007-02-06CP02-DE016Champion Pack: Game TwoChampion Pack: Game TwoCommon
2007-10-24SDRL-DE010Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure DeckRise of the Dragon Lords Structure DeckCommon
2011-03-03SDDL-DE017Dragunity Legion Structure DeckDragunity Legion Structure DeckCommon
2012-05-24BP01-DE179Battle Pack: Epic DawnBattle Pack: Epic DawnCommon
Starfoil Rare
2013-06-27BP02-DE017Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsBattle Pack 2: War of the GiantsCommon
Mosaic Rare
2013-12-05YSKR-DE013Starter Deck: Kaiba ReloadedStarter Deck - Kaiba ReloadedCommon
2015-10-23AP08-DE016Astral Pack EightAstral Pack HachtCommon
2016-10-20SDMY-DE023Structure Deck: Yugi MutoStructure Deck: Yugi MutoCommon
2019-01-24SS02-DEA06Speed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of TomorrowSpeed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of TomorrowCommon


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2005-01-01SD1-IT004Structure Deck: Dragon's RoarStructure Deck: Ruggito del DragoCommon
2005-07-22DB2-IT174Dark Beginning 2Inizio Oscuro 2Common
2007-02-06CP02-IT016Champion Pack: Game TwoBusta dei Campioni: Sfida DueCommon
2007-10-24SDRL-IT010Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure DeckAscesa dei Signori dei Draghi Structure DeckCommon
2011-03-03SDDL-IT017Dragunity Legion Structure DeckLegione Dragunità Structure DeckCommon
2012-05-24BP01-IT179Battle Pack: Epic DawnBattle Pack: Alba EpicaCommon
Starfoil Rare
2013-06-27BP02-IT017Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsBattle Pack 2: Guerra dei GigantiCommon
Mosaic Rare
2013-12-05YSKR-IT013Starter Deck: Kaiba ReloadedStarter Deck Kaiba - Il RitornoCommon
2015-10-23AP08-IT016Astral Pack EightAstral Pack OttoCommon
2016-10-20SDMY-IT023Structure Deck: Yugi MutoStructure Deck: Yugi MutoCommon
2019-01-24SS02-ITA06Speed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of TomorrowStarter Deck Speed Duel: Duellanti di DomaniCommon


ReleaseNumberSetPortuguese nameRarity
2005-02-01SD1-PT004Structure Deck: Dragon's RoarDeck Estrutura: Rugído do DragãoCommon
2013-06-28BP02-PT017Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsPacote de Batalha 2: Guerra dos GigantesCommon
Mosaic Rare
2013-12-06YSKR-PT013Starter Deck: Kaiba ReloadedDeck Inicial - Kaiba ReloadedCommon
2015-10-23AP08-PT016Astral Pack EightPacote Astral OitoCommon
2016-10-21SDMY-PT023Structure Deck: Yugi MutoDeck Estrutural: Yugi MutoCommon
2019-01-24SS02-PTA06Speed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of TomorrowDecks Iniciais Speed Duel: Duelistas do AmanhãCommon


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2005-01-01SD1-SP004Structure Deck: Dragon's RoarBaraja de Estructura: Rugido de DragónCommon
2005-07-22DB2-SP174Dark Beginning 2Principio Oscuro 2Common
2007-10-24SDRL-SP010Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure DeckRenacimiento de los Señores Dragón Baraja de EstructuraCommon
2011-03-03SDDL-SP017Dragunity Legion Structure DeckLegión Dracounidad Baraja de EstructuraCommon
2012-05-24BP01-SP179Battle Pack: Epic DawnBattle Pack: Amanecer ÉpicoCommon
Starfoil Rare
2013-06-27BP02-SP017Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsBattle Pack 2: Guerra de los GigantesCommon
Mosaic Rare
2013-12-05YSKR-SP013Starter Deck: Kaiba ReloadedLa Baraja de Principiante Kaiba - VuelveCommon
2015-10-23AP08-SP016Astral Pack EightSobre Astral OchoCommon
2016-10-20SDMY-SP023Structure Deck: Yugi MutoBaraja de Estructura: Yugi MutoCommon
2019-01-24SS02-SPA06Speed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of TomorrowBarajas de Principiante Speed Duel: Duelistas del MañanaCommon


ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2001-11-29MA-14Mythological AgeMythologicalミサラジカル AgeエイジよみがえりしたましいCommon
2003-04-24DL5-055Duelist Legacy Volume.5DUELISTデュエリスト LEGACYレガシー VolumeボリュームCommon
2004-12-09BE2-JP174Beginner's Edition 2BEGINNER'Sビギナーズ EDITIONエディションCommon
2004-12-09SD1-JP004Structure Deck: Dragon's Roarストラクチャーデッキ -ドラゴンのちからCommon
2011-08-13BE02-JP140Beginner's Edition 2BEGINNER'Sビギナーズ EDITIONエディション 2 [2011]Common
2014-04-19DC01-JP013Deck Custom Pack 01デッキカスタムパック 01Common
Normal Parallel Rare
2017-06-02LG02-JP007Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Legend Deck Guide: Yami Yugi VS Seto Kaiba promotional cardsゆうおうデュエルリンクス レジェンドデッキガイド やみゆうVSバーサスかい どうこんカードCommon


ReleaseNumberSetKorean nameRarity
2004-10-18LOD-KR063Legacy of Darkness어둠의 유산Super Rare
2005-12-15SD1-KR004Structure Deck: Dragon's RoarSTRUCTURE DECK스트럭처 덱 —드래곤의 힘—Common
2006-09-28BP2-KR174Beginner's Edition 2비기너즈팩2Common


2003-09-18LOD-063Legacy of DarknessSuper Rare

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