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CROSS GAME is the second Japanese ending theme of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime, performed by Alice Nine. It debuted on October 1, 2008, replacing START and was later replaced by -OZONE- on July 1, 2009.


Recording credits[edit]

  • Performed by: Alice Nine (アリス九號)
  • Lyrics by: Shō (将)
  • Composed by: Alice Nine (アリス九號)
  • Arranged by: Alice Nine (アリス九號), Takumi Masanori (宅見将典)
  • Record Label: Marvelous Entertainment/King Records(マーベラスエンターテイメント / キングレコード)

Lyrics (TV Size)[edit]

Hikari sasu hou e miagete chikatta
Bokura dake no mirai kizuiteiku
Yoakesura tooku mabushiku sasaru
Afure dashiteita omoi no nami wa yose
ARUGORIZUMU tokenai sekai ni
Tatoe hikari ushinattemo
Kokoro no ura no sunadokei wo modoranai
Sai wo tokihanate GETTO AUTO & FOROO ZA RAITO
Mai agare ashita e kodou yori hayaku
Douka owaru koto naki tabi wo
Imi wo nasanai namida wa nai kara
Kono koe yo kimi ni todoke

What we swore as we admired where the light shines upon
is the future we will build upon that's ours and ours alone
Where even the light of dawn pierces far and bright,
in the wonderland that's awakening
A wave of emotion that flooded in are drawing near
and in a world unsolvable with algorithms
should you ever lose the light
the hourglass behind your heart will never reset
So, let the dice fly, get out and follow the light!
May you soar into tomorrow, faster than your heart can beat,
through your journey with no end in sight
There are no meaningless tears here
so, let this reach you, voice out there.


Duel Monsters[edit]

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Monster appearance[edit]