Cal Kolter

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Cal Kolter
Cal Kolter
  • Cal Kolter
Japanese translatedShoichi Kusanagi
OtherUnnamed (LINK VRAINS Avatar name)[1]
Japaneseくさなぎ しょういち
Base草薙 翔一
Furiganaくさなぎ しょういち
RōmajiKusanagi Shōichi
  • Male
Jin Kolter (younger brother)
  • Career
  • Hacker
  • Food truck owner
  • Duelist
Anime DeckCodebreaker
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 0011: "Link into the VRAINS"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
JapaneseSubaru Kimura
Other languages
  • Nestor Chiesse
Kolter, Cal

Cal Kolter, known as Shoichi Kusanagi (くさなぎ しょういち, Kusanagi Shōichi) in the Japanese version, and known as Unnamed in LINK VRAINS in the Japanese version, is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. Operating out of a food truck called Café Nom, which doubles as his and Yusaku's base of operations, Kolter is an ally of Yusaku Fujiki in his fight against the Knights of Hanoi, with integral knowledge of LINK VRAINS. In both versions, Kolter is usually known by his surname.



His normal appearance and his avatar in LINK VRAINS.

Kolter is a young man with fair skin and grey eyes. His purple hair comes to the base of his neck, and it has multiple small bangs brushed over to hide his forehead, and he also sports a small goatee. Kolter dresses simply, wearing a brown trench coat over a purple hoodie with a bronze zipper and light blue shirt, and teal pants tucked into burgundy boots with prominent black soles.

As Unnamed, Kolter wears a maroon trench coat with a tan lining, a large maroon cap to conceal his identity, maroon boots with belted straps, belted teal pants, and a dark grey top with silver lines.


Kolter is a rather friendly individual. He's shown to be sympathetic towards Yusaku and hopes he can one day enjoy Dueling again. He also regrets dragging him into the fight against the Knights of Hanoi. He cheekily teases both Yusaku and Ai over their shortcomings, though never with any malicious intent; the sole exception is when he intentionally insults Playmaker during their Duel in an effort to provoke him into defeating him.

Behind his friendly easy-going nature, Kolter harbors an intense anger and hatred towards the Hanoi Project just like Yusaku, though he doesn't actively show it unless triggered enough, like when he listened to Akira Zaizen talk about the possibility of Skye being kidnapped. Kolter angrily stated that Zaizen didn't truly know what the horrible trauma he felt was like. Kolter harbors deep regret over Jin's kidnapping, as he believes Jin was able to be kidnapped because he didn't spend enough time with him, and after Jin's soul is taken by Bohman, this guilt only worsens.

After Jin is kidnapped the second time, Kolter becomes more withdrawn and melancholy, though he does his best not to show this and maintain his cheerful disposition. When Lightning uses Jin's fate against him, Kolter is prepared for the eventuality and under the guise of a broken relationship with Playmaker, he taunts him and shames him into Dueling him seriously, intending to lose their Duel, but also fully intent on winning if Playmaker is unable to defeat him.

In the dub, a running gag surrounding Kolter is his irritation over hotdogs (his food truck's serving of choice) being considered sandwiches by many of his customers and allies. This comes full circle when he asks Yusaku to promise to defeat him if Lightning forces them to Duel, as he asks Yusaku to honestly answer if he considers a hotdog a sandwich.


Being the owner of a food truck, Kolter is a capable cook; he was seen cooking hotdogs.[4] Like Yusaku, he is a talented hacker. He was able to get information about SOL Technologies' activities and helped Yusaku capture Ai in the latter's Duel Disk. He was also able to figure out that Skye Zaizen is "Blue Angel". On several occasions, he has hacked surveillance cameras in both LINK VRAINS and the real world alike with little effort. He is noted to routinely erase footage, article, and images of Playmaker in the network.[5][6]



Ten years ago,[7] Kolter's younger brother Jin was kidnapped for the Hanoi Project. Kolter and his parents searched for Jin the entire time, but failed to find him until he was rescued six months later. Even though Jin was rescued, he still suffered intense PTSD that he never recovered from, prompting Kolter to begin studying hacking in order to combat the Knights of Hanoi and investigate the Lost Incident. He moved to Den City, living in a hotdog truck, Café Nom, and created a LINK VRAINS Avatar, Unnamed (in the dub, he simply did not disclose his alias).[1]

Unnamed logged in, and witnessed the Knights of Hanoi erasing the account of a Duelist, claiming they were hunting the Cyberse monsters. The Knights spotted him, and they pursued him through an alleyway, but Unnamed was saved by another Duelist, Unknown. Noting their similarities, he asked if Unknown was investigating the Lost Incident. Unknown told him to log out, stating that the Knights were dangerous, and Unnamed did so. Despite this, Kolter continued to log in and investigate the Knights, but he was eventually spotted and pursued again. Unknown saved him again, asking why Unnamed had returned. Unnamed explained that he was trying to fight the Knights for his little brother, and Unknown told him to get out of range of the Knights so he could log out. As soon as he logged out, Kolter flicked through the feeds until he found Unknown Dueling one of the Knights, and Unknown defeated the Knight easily, much to Kolter's amazement. Unknown then fled, and Kolter created an escape program for him to log out, telling him to come to Café Nom.[1]

A teenage boy came to Café Nom the next day, and Kolter realized that he was Unknown. He was surprised that Unknown was so young and asked if he had been a victim of the Lost Incident. He begged Unknown to work together with him, explaining what had happened to Jin and claiming that he wished Jin could have become as strong as Unknown. Kolter offered to serve as the shield to Unknown's spear, and Unknown agreed to team up with him, introducing himself as Yusaku Fujiki.[1]

Kolter and Yusaku quickly became an effective team, but obtained little information from the lower-ranked members. Yusaku began questioning why the Knights of Hanoi were trying to eliminate the Cyberse monsters and suggested they could be afraid of them. He decided to pursue an urban legend of a secret dungeon containing a Cyberse Deck, and Kolter expressed concern that it could be a Hanoi trap. Yusaku pointed out that it would be fine in either case, as they would be able to take down more Knights. They logged in and explored the dungeon, and Unknown saved Unnamed from a booby trap, warning him that he wouldn't be able to log out without his Duel Disk. They found a Duel Puzzle guarding the sarcophagus containing the Deck, and a Knight of Hanoi arrived and attempted the Puzzle. He was defeated when he attacked, and Unknown challenged the Ancient Ghost that guarded the Deck next. Unnamed advised him to consider the cards that weren't on his field as well, and they deduced that since an attack wouldn't work, Unknown would have to win through effect damage. Unknown managed to assemble five monsters, but another Knight of Hanoi arrived, mocking them for thinking their combo would work due to the "Gadget Token". Unnamed tackled the Knight and chained him up, and Unknown was able to assemble five monsters that he could revive with "Torrential Reborn", defeating the Ancient Ghost. However, when they reached the sarcophagus it vanished, much to Unnamed's frustration, and he and Unknown logged out as the dungeon collapsed.[8]

Despite their failure, Yusaku deduced that the Deck was hidden in the real world, as the final field had been a map of Den City. Kolter expressed his doubts, but sure enough they found the Deck in the unfinished first of the Trigate Bridges. Kolter was ecstatic, declaring that the power of the Deck would allow them to fight back against the Knights of Hanoi.[8] Kolter began acting more and more as Yusaku's support, and Yusaku changed his Avatar's name to Playmaker, becoming a famous Duelist within LINK VRAINS.[4]

Knights of Hanoi[edit]

Kolter and Yusaku discussed SOL Technologies and the Knights of Hanoi's recent movements. Kolter told Yusaku about the Data Storm and suggested that it could help Yusaku enjoy Dueling again. He revealed SOL was looking for an A.I. on the run and that they were planning a full scan of LINK VRAINS to find it. Yusaku decided to capture the A.I. and use it as a trump card against Hanoi, and he closed Café Nom, despite Kolter protesting that he was expecting customers that night. The two hackers managed to capture the A.I. in Yusaku's Duel Disk during an attack from the Knights of Hanoi.[4] Kolter was surprised when a Data Storm occurred when Playmaker challenged the the Knight to a Duel. He watched the Speed Duel, worried when Playmaker was sucked into a Data Storm tornado, but he was relieved when Playmaker won the Duel.[9]

Kolter and Yusaku spent the next few days trying to figure out the A.I.'s programming, but Kolter struggled to understand the complicated algorithms that it was composed of. He suggested coming up with a name for the A.I., and Yusaku decided to name it "Ai". He was impressed that the card data Yusaku obtained from the Data Storm was becoming a physical card. Trying to scan footage from "Ai's" memories caused the Knights of Hanoi's leader to track them down, but Kolter was able to shut down Café Nom's power before they were found.[10] The next day Kolter gave Yusaku the "Decode Talker" card that had finished materializing before he went to LINK VRAINS to fight a Knight of Hanoi that had appeared.[11] When the Knight turned out to be The Gore, SOL Technologies activated a program that prevented Playmaker from logging out. Kolter worked on an escape route for Yusaku, but Yusaku refused to use it. After the Duel ended, Kolter scolded Yusaku for not using the escape route, but also suggested that they could recruit The Gore for their fight against Hanoi. Playmaker refused, not wanting to drag Gore into their fight.[12]

Kolter discovered that the real identity of the Celebrity Duelist Blue Angel was Skye Zaizen, a classmate of Yusaku and the sister of SOL Technologies' security chief Akira Zaizen. He suggested that Yusaku meet with Skye so they could get closer to Zaizen in order to get more information about SOL Technologies, but doubted the plan would work because of Yusaku's poor social skills. A few days later, he was shocked when Playmaker and Blue Angel began a Duel before getting interrupted by a customer.[13]

After the Duel concluded and Skye fell into a coma, Kolter hacked into the hospital's records to find out about Skye's condition. Ai explained that Skye had been infected by a virus from Hanoi's card, and that the only ones with the anti-virus would be Hanoi themselves. "Blue Angel" appeared, claiming that she wanted a rematch against Playmaker. Kolter knew immediately that she was an impostor and told Yusaku to ignore her because it was clearly a trap, but Yusaku logged into LINK VRAINS regardless because he felt it was his responsibility to save Skye.[14] Varis's appearance and subsequent manipulation of LINK VRAINS caused Kolter's cameras to go offline, though he was briefly able to use SOL's cameras and later Ghost Gal's. He was displeased when Ghost Gal's camera stopped recording, preventing him from seeing how Yusaku was doing.[15] To watch the Duel, Kolter used the bugs in the Knights of Hanoi's program that created the Data Storm to open a path for Ghost Gal to enter the Data Storm; she had her cameras record the Duel between Playmaker and Varis, allowing Kolter to watch it. Kolter learned of the Ignis, A.I. with free will that Varis claimed wanted to overthrow the network, but didn't believe that Ai would do such a thing.[5]

Kolter was relived when Playmaker was able to defeat Varis, and he carried Yusaku out of his pod after he logged out. Yusaku expressed interest in Skye's condition, so Kolter showed him that she had recovered. Yusaku fell asleep, and Ai commented on how lazy he was, but Kolter claimed heroes needed to rest. Ai started bragging, so Kolter began to analyze the program that he had stolen from Varis, prompting Ai to clam up. Yusaku woke up, murmuring about the Ignis, and Kolter noted that he was thinking what Varis had told them about Ai. Since they did not know how to prove if Ai was actually alive, Ai claimed it was indeed alive, and he used the program that he had obtained from Varis to recover his body. However, Ai's size didn't impress Yusaku and Kolter, who instead tried to analyze if Ai had regained some of his memories.[6]

A few days later, Emma Bessho came to Café Nom, but neither she nor Kolter recognized each other as "Ghost Gal" or "Playmaker's assistant". Emma ordered a coffee and two chili dogs and mentioned that she was interested in Dueling Playmaker, causing Kolter to wonder what kind of Duelist she was. Yusaku noted that Kolter looked exhausted, explained that he'd spent all night deleting "Playmaker" files and videos that people constantly posted on the network. Yusaku offered to help him with the clean up, and they spent the night deleting files, while Kolter noted that Yusaku was dwelling on Varis's words.[16]

During the night, Kolter called Yusaku to come to Café Nom and showed him an encrypted message from Ghost Gal; Kolter explained that he had created a program to navigate her to enter the Data Storm during the Duel with Varis. Ghost Gal had challenged Playmaker to a Duel with Ai as the stakes, offering a backdoor program into SOL Technologies as her barter. Kolter confirmed the program's legitimacy, as Ghost Gal had sent some of the data as proof. Yusaku asked Kolter to confirm that Playmaker would accept her challenge. Ghost Gal soon entered LINK VRAINS, and Yusaku went to do so himself. Kolter wondered if Yusaku would really go and Duel her, wary of another trap. Yusaku replied that he had to uncover the truth behind the Incident, hoping that the data bank contained some information about the Knights of Hanoi. Kolter watched as Ghost Gal and Playmaker confronted each other, and warned Yusaku to be careful.[17] Kolter was baffled by how complex the Duel was, being unable to predict the outcome. After Playmaker won and obtained the program, Kolter began to analyze it, believing that he could crack the code.[18]

Kolter showed Yusaku his analysis of Ghost Gal's program: the backdoor entrance to the SOL Technologies' mother computer, whose schematics looked like a maze. Kolter and Yusaku were nevertheless impressed by Ghost Gal's skills in finding it. Kolter promised to be ready when the school was over, and Yusaku would be able to infiltrate the network the following night. That night, Kolter showed Yusaku the location of the data bank, warning that the path to it was filled with traps, though he had prepared countermeasures against them, and Yusaku praised him for his speed. After Yusaku logged into LINK VRAINS, Kolter programmed an device for Playmaker to hold onto to avoid traps and a rope to prevent him from being detected, and gave directions to Playmaker where to go. As security traps were set to stop Playmaker, Kolter programmed three "Sphere Kuriboh" as decoys. After Playmaker passed Area A, Kolter realized that there was a Data Storm in Area B, and he suggested turning back, but then admitted that the Data Storm wouldn't be as harmful if Playmaker continued on.[19]

After Playmaker defeated Prototype Green-A, Kolter navigated him to the data bank.[20] Kolter watched as Playmaker confronted Zaizen, and as Zaizen claimed he would set things straight with the data, Kolter and Playmaker became furious, claiming Zaizen understood nothing about them.[21] Kolter watched the Duel, furious to be reminded that his brother was part of the Hanoi Project. He was shocked to learn that SOL Technologies' data bank contained the name of the mastermind behind the Project.[22] Playmaker defeated Zaizen and logged out, and Kolter praised him for acquiring the data. The two hacked into Ai, and learned that the Hanoi Project's leader was Dr. Kiyoshi Kogami, a researcher from SOL Technologies who worked on the Project alone in secrecy. They concluded that SOL Technologies covered up the Incident to prevent the company's reputation from being ruined. Ai doubted that Dr. Kogami could have done this on his own, and suggested that Zaizen was involved, but Kolter reminded him that Zaizen had only been 16 at the time and not employed by SOL Technologies. Kolter and Yusaku failed to find the project's goal in the data, but to their shock they discovered that Dr. Kogami had died seven years ago.[23]

Kolter took Café Nom to the Stardust Road while Yusaku was doing research. Kolter invited him for a break, and as he gazed upon the ocean, Yusaku stated that Kolter wouldn't get many customers at the coast. Kolter explained to him that the coast was famous as the Stardust Road and was known for the luminous plankton that rarely gathered at night. He suggested the person living near the coast may have seen it. Kolter admitted that he'd failed to gather any new information from SOL Technologies' data, and Yusaku noted that most of it had been deleted, though they still knew SOL Technologies had been involved even if Zaizen knew nothing about the Incident. Kolter admitted he was a bit relieved that Dr. Kogami had passed away, thinking their revenge was over. Yusaku reminded him they still didn't know about the goal of the Incident, and Kolter agreed that he still wanted to rescue his brother from darkness, even if they had no clue where to continue. Yusaku stated Varis knew something about the Project, and Kolter noted Varis hadn't been seen recently, Yusaku adding that Varis was not the type to simply disappear.[24]

An affliction called the "Deleted" began affecting Duelists in LINK VRAINS. Kolter tracked down footage of a Duelist in the real world being Deleted and showed it to Yusaku and Ai, in addition to more photos of the Deleted in hospitals. Ai and Yusaku noted that it was the same condition that had infected Blue Angel, and Kolter showed them more data on the victims. Yusaku realized that all of the Deleted were elite Duelists and hackers with old-model Duel Disks; the Knights of Hanoi were searching for Playmaker and Ai. Although Yusaku reminded them of the importance of uncovering the truth behind the Lost Incident, Ai stated that they had to stop people from becoming Deleted. Kolter showed them a list of possible targets, including a student from Den City High School, Mackendrick Kellenbocker, but Yusaku arrived too late to prevent Mackendrick from being Deleted. Later, Kolter and Yusaku watched the Knights of Hanoi Deleting Duelists. Yusaku decided to go into LINK VRAINS, even though Kolter believed he would be at a disadvantage. To their surprise, they saw "Playmaker" battling the Knights of Hanoi, stopping their programs and tossing them from their Duel Boards. Dr. Genome confronted "Playmaker", who revealed himself to be The Gore, who claimed that he came to save Mackendrick and knew Playmaker's identity, which displeased Yusaku and Kolter.[25] They watched The Gore Speed Dueling Dr. Genome, and when Ai called his heel turn into Grim Gore tacky, Kolter and Yusaku explained the concept of a heel to Ai, Yusaku noting that Gore still wanted to fight as himself. Genome eventually pushed Grim Gore into a corner, and Yusaku decided to log in at Ai's suggestion.[26]

Kolter watched as Playmaker feigned taunting Grim Gore, motivating him to continue and defeat Genome. Though Gore obtained the cure for Mackendrick, the Deleted virus remained in use, and Kolter and Yusaku began looking for its creator. They watched Kitamura announcing his A.I. army to battle the Knights of Hanoi.[27] As the crisis continued, Kolter concluded that the Knights of Hanoi would soon find Playmaker if they took over LINK VRAINS, though Yusaku believed they could prevent that by looking into the origins of the Deleted virus. Although they worked hard over the next few days, they had little success, and as they ate during a break, they saw Blue Angel Speed Dueling the virus's creator, Baira. Kolter and Yusaku analyzed the footage of the Deleted victims again, and Yusaku spotted footage of a woman behind one of the Deleted.[28] Kolter identified her as Klarissa Turner, a doctor at Den City Hospital, and they found her address. Yusaku and Ai went to her apartment, and Kolter assisted them by deactivating the security robot remotely. Once Yusaku found Klarissa logged in and confirmed she was Baira, Kolter joined them at her apartment, where they witnessed her release the cure for the Deleted virus after Blue Angel defeated her. They prepared to interrogate Klarissa, but instead of logging out, she was purged by Varis.[29]

Kolter detected someone using Yusaku's "Cyberse Wizard" card against a Knight of Hanoi, and identified him as The Brave Battler. He informed Yusaku when he came to the van the next day, and though Yusaku still had the physical card, Ai told them that the card data had been removed from the card. They soon identified The Brave Battler as Yusaku's classmate, Naoki Shima, and Yusaku feared Shima would be in danger for using a Cyberse monster. Sure enough, the final Commander of the Knights of Hanoi, Faust, kidnapped Shima and forcibly logged him in. Yusaku went to get his Duel Disk, but Ai had modified it into a drone and was looking for Shima. He tracked the card data of "Cyberse Wizard" to the warehouse district, and Kolter drove them to the district, collecting Ai en route.[30] Kolter drove his van to the warehouse district while Yusaku logged in to Duel Faust. He took a break when they arrived after the Duel concluded and Yusaku went to rescue Shima.[31] One night, fearing he and Yusaku could soon be in danger, Kolter wrote a report, mentioning the Knights of Hanoi were real people. He named the report as "File No. 1007: Kusanagi Report". He noted the prowess of Playmaker and his allies, but feared the countdown to the day that their destinies would change had already started. He also wrote that he still thought of Jin, and wished that the reader of this report would tell that to his brother when they met him. Yusaku and Ai visited him, stating that they felt something big was about to happen.[7]

Kolter served a customer at the Stardust Road, who told him it would be the last time he would visit the stand. Kolter asked if the customer was moving, and the customer told him it was something like that. Kolter bid him goodbye, telling him that he was also based in the plaza. After the customer was out of earshot, Ai claimed Kolter needed a mascot like him. Kolter replied Ai would make a lame customer, and asked what was Yusaku doing. Yusaku pointed out the Knights of Hanoi had been purged from LINK VRAINS, and Kolter noted that the Deleted incident has been resolved, but Varis was still out there. Ai thought Varis had retreated, but Yusaku doubted that. Suddenly, Yusaku and Ai felt a pulse within LINK VRAINS, and they asked Kolter to scan the network. Kolter booted up the LVSS for the first time, and just as Yusaku and Ai sensed another pulse, Kolter saw that LINK VRAINS' infrastructure was changing. Yusaku logged in to track the pulses, and Kolter tracked Playmaker's activity (in the dub, staying directly in contact with him). Kolter was shocked at the readings the pulses were emitting.[32] Kolter continued to monitor LINK VRAINS, and found a new reading of energy within the network. Yusaku and Ai logged out and joined Kolter, and watched as a massive tower appeared in LINK VRAINS.[33]

Kolter, Yusaku and Ai watched as the Tower absorbed the local cyberspace and Avatars, and Yusaku gave Kolter data that Ghost Gal had acquired on the construct, the Tower of Hanoi. Kolter analyzed Ghost Gal's data, seeing the link between the top, where the LINK VRAINS network was, with the underground erasing system. Ai was shocked at how much data had been absorbed, and Kolter noted that the speed hadn't decreased. Kolter counted six rings would be crafted from this system, one per each passing hour. He realized that once every ring was crafted, a pulse would be created from the high-density data, affecting every machine or program - every piece of technology existing in the world would cease to function. Ai thought it was safe as long as they did not enter the network, but Yusaku was certain Varis had thought of that. Kolter continued his analysis, seeing that even devices not connected to the network would be affected, as an electromagnetic pulse would be sent out and affect any machine in proximity. While Ai was frustrated, Kolter was overwhelmed, knowing Varis caused all of this just to erase the Ignis. The trio watched Kitamura battling a Knight of Hanoi, Spectre. Spectre defeated Kitamura, and his data was absorbed by the Tower of Hanoi. Spectre threatened to do the same to anyone that dared enter LINK VRAINS. Yusaku swore to stop the Knights of Hanoi, and before he logged int, Kolter warned him there were no Data Storms in LINK VRAINS, except near the Tower.[34]

As the feeds to LINK VRAINS had all been shut down, Kolter was forced to rely on Frog and Pigeon's feed. He watched as Playmaker continued to the Tower of Hanoi, and noticed Blue Angel Dueling Spectre. He measured five hours and thirty minutes before the Tower of Hanoi was complete.[35] To Kolter's shock, Blue Angel was defeated just as the first ring of the Tower of Hanoi was completed. He noted that Yusaku had stopped moving, and wondered if he'd encountered them enemy. To get a visual feed on him, he sent Frog and Pigeon Playmaker's coordinates.[36] They eventually arrived at Playmaker's coordinates, and Kolter was surprised to see that Yusaku was Dueling Spectre. To Kolter's shock, Spectre revealed that Zaizen had been captured, and Kolter wondered what Zaizen was doing in LINK VRAINS. Spectre explained that Zaizen had come to rescue his sister and subsequently been captured, and he threatened to infect Zaizen with a computer virus if Playmaker attacked him. Playmaker refused to attack, and Kolter cracked his knuckles and began coding.[37] He decided to modify the emergency escape function of the LVSS to save Zaizen, and managed to execute the program, but it failed to destroy the trap's system, and Zaizen instead sacrificed himself to allow Playmaker to attack. Kolter screamed and slammed his fists on his desk in fury at his failure and Zaizen's absorption, but Zaizen's sacrifice had also enraged Playmaker, who proceeded to defeat Spectre in a single attack.[38]

The bridge collapsed after the Duel, but fortunately, Playmaker and Ai were saved by a Data Storm, and they resumed their sprint towards the Tower of Hanoi, which now had three completed rings. Frog and Pigeon's feed came up with a Duel between The Gore and Varis, with Playmaker spectating, but Kolter's screen was blotted out when Varis activated "Mirror Force".[39] Although Gore made a comeback, the clash between Varis's "Borrelsword Dragon" and Gore's "Gouki The Giant Ogre" blew Frog and Pigeon away, cutting off the feed and preventing Kolter from seeing the conclusion of the Duel.[40] When the feed finally came back on, Playmaker and Varis were Speed Dueling in the fifth ring of the Tower of Hanoi, and Kolter realized that Gore had lost the Duel. He wondered if this would be the final Duel. As Frog and Pigeon couldn't get closer to the Speed Duel, Kolter was forced to watch from afar, hoping Yusaku would be careful since even a small fragment of debris could kill him. He recognized the light of "Mirror Force" when Varis activated it again, and watched in horror as the attack of Varis's "Flash Charge Dragon" almost defeated Playmaker.[41] Fortunately, Playmaker was able to save himself, and make a comeback with "Storm Access". As Varis attempted to use "Storm Access" himself, the Data Storm froze, and Dr. Kogami appeared. Kolter was shocked to learn that the mastermind behind the Hanoi Project was alive. Varis was able to successfully use "Storm Access" with his father's help, and used his new monster, "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" to end the Speed Duel in a DRAW. Kolter was horrified by the result, believing Yusaku would be absorbed by the Tower of Hanoi as a result.[42]

Fortunately, the impact simply logged Yusaku out. He explained that Varis had also been logged out, but the Tower of Hanoi hadn't stopped and its fifth ring had been completed. Yusaku claimed he knew where Varis was, and he asked Kolter to drive them to him. On the way, Yusaku explained that Varis was familiar with the Stardust Road, and Kolter realized in shock that Varis had to be close by and had likely been before their very eyes. They reached the house on the cliff, and sure enough, they found the last customer Kolter had served with Dr. Kogami's body. The customer - Varis - introduced himself as Roken Kogami, and Kolter angrily asked where Dr. Kogami was. Roken told them that Kogami had passed away, and Kolter angrily voiced his regret that the culprit was so close and he hadn't been able to do anything. Roken revealed to them that he had been the one to save Yusaku, Jin, and the other children from the Hanoi Project, and that Kogami had been infected with a virus by SOL Technologies. He explained that the children had been used to create the Ignis, but when the Ignis begun to evolve faster than expected, Kogami had conducted simulations that predicted that the Ignis would turn on humanity. This was why the Knights of Hanoi were trying to kill the Ignis, and why they'd resorted to the Tower of Hanoi.[43]

Yusaku attempted to convince Roken to stop the Tower of Hanoi, but was unable to do so, so they decided to have a final Duel to decide whether the Tower would be stopped. As they logged into LINK VRAINS, Kolter ran back to Café Nom to watch the Duel.[43] By the time he accessed Frog and Pigeon's feed, the Duel had already started. He urged Yusaku to win, noting that he'd made comebacks in Duels where no-one thought he could win, but despite Playmaker's counterattack, Varis was able to push him into a corner.[44] Varis then created an Extra Link to unlock the full power of "Topologic Gumblar Dragon" and unleashed a game-ending effect that could not be negated. Fortunately, Playmaker was able to survive, but collapsed from his injuries. He begged Playmaker to stand up, and he eventually did, much to Kolter's relief.[45] After enduring Varis's attacks, Playmaker was eventually able to Extra Link his own monsters to Varis's, and power up "Decode Talker" enough to defeat him. Kolter excitedly congratulated Yusaku, and as the Tower of Hanoi stopped, he ran back into the Kogami's house to find Yusaku standing by the window, watching Roken departing in a speedboat. He was surprised that Yusaku had allowed Roken to leave, but Yusaku told him that Roken would someday return to fulfill his purpose. Yusaku later returned to Café Nom to get his bag, and Kolter asked after Ai. Yusaku explained that he'd let Ai go, and Kolter offered to give Yusaku a ride home, but Yusaku declined his offer.[46]


Kolter began visiting Jin more regularly in the three months after stopping the Tower of Hanoi, leaving Yusaku in charge of Café Nom. He also programmed an upgraded Duel Board for Playmaker. The doctors told him that Jin was beginning to improve and go outside more often, suggesting that his brother's visits and the news that the Incident that had broken him had ended was responsible. Later, Kolter offered to take Jin to live with him in Café Nom, but before Jin could answer, a glowing figure emerged from the television and approached Jin. Kolter was unable to touch the figure, but it extracted Jin's consciousness data and escaped into the new LINK VRAINS. Kolter immediately called Yusaku, who logged in to pursue the thief.[47] Kolter remained at Jin's bedside while Yusaku pursued the thief.[48]

Yusaku was unable to catch the thief, a man named Bohman, but returned with Ai in tow. Ai recovered from an anti-Ignis program by the time Kolter had returned to Café Nom. Kolter continued to search for information about where Bohman had escaped to while Yusaku locked Ai in his Duel Disk again and went to school the next day. Yusaku returned with a friend, Theodore Hamilton, one of the other victims of the Lost Incident, who sympathized with Jin, and one of the other Ignis, Flame. Kolter welcomed them with coffee, thanking them for offering to help rescue Jin. He revealed that Bohman had escaped into the Restricted Area of LINK VRAINS, and that he'd found a shred of an unknown program in its depths. Ai and Flame recognized it as a WIND Ignis program, and they decided to investigate it. Ghost Gal sent them a stealth program and information on a gate to another world in the Restricted Area, and despite knowing it was a trap, Yusaku and Theodore still logged in.[49]

Kolter kept track of Playmaker as he descended into the Restricted Area. He was attacked by a Bounty Hunter, The Shepherd, and Kolter had to warn Playmaker not to get too far from the central column or he'd be unable to return and would drown in data. As Playmaker Speed Dueled The Shepherd, Kolter directed him through the lower area.[50] He noted that The Shepherd was quite troublesome, though Playmaker was eventually able to defeat him.[51] After Playmaker and Soulburner passed through the gate, Kolter was unable to track them, and he reflected on the complexity of the Ignis program that Dr. Kogami had designed and promised to solve it.[52]Though he defeated Bohman, Yusaku was unsuccessful in retrieving Jin's data.[53]

Kolter learned that Klarissa Turner had escaped from prison, and he sent a mail to Yusaku to bring him to Café Nom. Yusaku and Ai arrived, and Yusaku quickly realized that Varis was responsible and noted that they would now have to battle four different enemies; The Gore, The Shepherd, Bohman, and the Knights of Hanoi.[54] Yusaku revealed to Kotler, Theodore, and Flame that Bohman had the same memories he did, much to Kolter's shock. Yusaku apologize to Kolter for failing to recover Jin's data, but Kolter reassured them he was just glad they were safe. He revealed that he'd modified Café Nom with a room for Theodore to use to log in, and noted that for now they'd have to wait for the gate to reappear. He decided to analyze the code they'd found on the gate, as it would be their best bet at finding it.[55]

The gate soon appeared atop a disused island near the peak of LINK VRAINS, and Yusaku and Theodore logged in to investigate. As Kolter monitored them, he realized that there was something strange about the gate's algorithm pattern and that it was a trap. His realization came too late; the trap activated and drew Soulburner in after he shoved Playmaker out of the way.[55] As Kolter analyzed the program, Playmaker explained that The Shepherd was responsible, and Kolter apologized for not noticing in time. Playmaker asked if he could open it, and Kolter stated he would try. Two Bounty Hunters then approached Playmaker, much to Kolter's annoyance, and Playmaker decided to hold them off to give Kolter time to work.[56] After defeating one of the Bounty Hunters, Playmaker asked Kolter how he was doing, and Kolter replied that it was coming along, admitting his shock that The Shepherd had been able to alter the Ignis program. Ai cheekily asked him if he was giving up, and Kolter jokingly asked who Ai thought he was talking to.[57] Kolter managed to complete the rescue program after Playmaker defeated the other Bounty Hunter, but when he launched the program, it failed to open the gate. To Kolter's shock, the program was suddenly rewritten, destroying the trap and releasing Soulburner, who logged out with Playmaker.[58]

On a day where Café Nom was shut, Kolter called Ai down from the sky and attached an advertisement for the store to Yusaku's Duel Disk, asking Ai to fly ten laps around the city. Ai wound up crash-landing into Theodore as he arrived, and Theodore gave Kolter a hamburger to thank him for saving them from The Shepherd. Ai stated that Theodore shouldn't have brought a hamburger to a hotdog store, and Kolter flicked him, commenting that it was a good way to scope out the competition and thanking Theodore, despite telling Theodore he didn't need to thank him. After eating, Ai asked Kolter how he and Yusaku met. Kolter was reluctant to tell them, as he didn't want to remind Theodore of his trauma, but Theodore told him it was all right. Kolter then told them of how he reacted when Jin was rescued, how he and Yusaku met while separately fighting the Knights of Hanoi, and how they had obtained Yusaku's Cyberse Deck from a secret dungeon.[1][8] One day, Yusaku and Ai came to Café Nom with a forum message that claimed to be from the EARTH Ignis, who wished to meet Playmaker. Kolter doubted that an Ignis would simply post on a forum, but Ai claimed that Earth would, and Yusaku noted that few people knew about the Ignis, so Ai sent him a message coded in an Ignis algorithm. They quickly received another algorithm showing them coordinates, though Kolter suspected that The Shepherd could be trying to trap them again. Yusaku stated that they had to investigate, as it could be a chance to get Jin's data back and SOL Technologies would have seen the post too, and Kolter thanked him.[59]

Yusaku brought his helper robot Roboppi to Café Nom one day, explaining that Ai had gone missing. After exchanging pleasantries with Roboppi, Kolter analyzed it and Ai's site history, learning that they had been solving a crossword that offered an Ai pin as a reward, much to Kolter's exasperation. Flame revealed that the puzzle was an Ignis algorithm, providing the site to Kolter and bringing up a door. Yusaku asked Kolter to connect LINK VRAINS to the door, and asked to go alone as he didn't trust Windy, but told them to come after him if he didn't return.[60] After a while, they decided that Yusaku wasn't coming back, and Kolter created data capable of temporarily cutting the Ignis's program and gave it to Theodore, asking him to log in, but to Kolter's shock, they entered a word in flames.[61] Kolter monitored Soulburner over video as he wound up meeting Spectre outside Windy's palace, and to his shock when they entered, Playmaker and Ai had been taken prisoner, though Flame was able to fee them. To Kolter's horror, the LIGHT Ignis, Lightning, then revealed that he had Jin's data prisoner, and that he was Jin's Ignis partner.[62]

Lightning revealed that Jin was trapped deep inside his own consciousness, able to hear but not respond. Kolter could only watch helplessly as Lightning revealed that he had been behind the destruction of the Cyberse, and as Lightning, Bohman, and Harlin escaped with Jin after declaring war on humanity. Playmaker used the program that Kolter had given Theodore, allowing Kolter to see them, and he begged Yusaku and Theodore to save Jin.[63] Playmaker and Soulburner split up to take on Bohman and Lightning respectively, and he urged them to to allow their enemies to escape. He watched in worry as Playmaker was almost struck by debris near the Ignis Tower in Windy's Cyberse, and was relieved to see him unharmed.[64] Playmaker and Soulburner were unable to prevent Bohman and Lightning from escaping with Jin, and Roken visited Kolter, Yusaku and Ai at Café Nom. Roken expressed relief that Kolter was still around to help Playmaker, and gave Yusaku a program to protect him from having his soul stolen as Jin's had been, before departing.[65]

After Yusaku informed Zaizen about Lightning and Bohman, they decided to find Earth before Lightning could. Kolter revealed that he'd been searching LINK VRAINS for traces of Earth and that he'd managed to trace his path. Yusaku and Theodore logged in and split up to search for Earth, and Earth eventually came up on Kolter's monitors with Aqua being pursued by one of SOL Technologies' Bounty Hunters. Kolter urgently contacted Playmaker and Soulburner and he sent them Earth's coordinates, but only Playmaker was able to make it to Earth.[66] A few days later, Kolter found security footage in LINK VRAINS from the last half hour depicting Blue Gal fleeing The Shepherd with Aqua, and he showed it to Yusaku, Ai, Theodore and Flame. Though they weren't sure why Aqua was with Blue Gal, Yusaku and Theodore logged in anyway to save Aqua from The Shepherd.[67] Playmaker and Soulburner teamed up with Ghost Gal, Aqua, and Blue Gal, who had changed her Avatar to Blue Maiden, and Kolter supported their search for Lightning from Café Nom. He detected a signal and sent the coordinates to Playmaker, leading him to a portal. Playmaker and his team found The Shepherd there, Dueling Lightning and thus Jin, much to Kolter's shock.[68] He worried for Jin's safety as he watched the Duel, lamenting his inability to save Jin while Lightning controlled him like a puppet, though Lightning eventually defeated The Shepherd, erased his data, and escaped with Jin.[69] During the Duel, they learned that The Shepherd was Ghost Gal's brother, and Ai mused on whether they'd be able to see one another again, forgetting Kolter's presence. Kolter reassured him it was all right, but was interrupted when Earth's signal appeared in LINK VRAINS. Yusaku and Theodore logged in to rescue Earth, but instead found The Gore, who challenged Playmaker to a Duel and revealed that Earth's data had been added to his A.I. Dueling Chip.[70] Playmaker was able to defeat Gore, but was suddenly trapped by a capture unit placed in Gore's Avatar. Fortunately someone logged Gore out before Playmaker could be captured, much to Kolter's relief.[71]

Ghost Gal sent Kolter footage of Earth's final moments, and he, Yusaku, Theodore, Ai and Flame watched the footage. Ai was enraged by SOL Technologies' actions, as was Yusaku, who walked out of Café Nom. The next day, Yusaku and Theodore logged into LINK VRAINS to meet with Ghost Gal and Blue Maiden.[72] They returned with an offer from Varis to modify the Tower of Hanoi into a scan program, and Kolter and Yusaku began to work on the necessary program, while Theodore and Flame stepped out for some fresh air.[73] Kolter deduced that Lightning would likely eventually use Jin's data against him, and he asked Yusaku to promise to defeat him if they were ever forced against one another. In the dub he also finally asked Yusaku if he really thought a hotdog was a sandwich, and Yusaku claimed it was instead a taco, prompting Kolter to begin lecturing him over the subject.[74] They finished the program the next morning, and Kolter asked Yusaku if he wanted him to accompany them, but Yusaku asked him to leave it all to them, and Ai agreed that they felt better with Kolter watching over them. Kolter gave them a program to enable them to broadcast their status to him, and asked Yusaku to copy it and give it to all of his allies. Kolter watched as the Tower was activated, and as Playmaker and his team went to Mirror LINK VRAINS.[73]

Kolter monitored LINK VRAINS for Playmaker, noting that the mood there was uneasy.[75] As Kolter monitored Mirror LINK VRAINS, he worked on a program to hack it.[76] Mirror LINK VRAINS realigned with LINK VRAINS, cutting off the Data Material to the team's Duel Boards and the camera link. Kolter's program then compensated, sending the team's feeds to Kolter, and he sent them to the Knights of Hanoi. Kolter watched as Lightning and Jin approached Spectre to Duel him, calling his brother's name.[77] Spectre managed to turn Lightning's Extra Link against him, but he was still defeated and his data claimed by Lightning; Kolter watched in shock as Jin squeezed Spectre's data.[78] Spectre's feed then cut out, and Kolter whispered his brother's name.[79] Kolter watched the Duel between Soulburner and Windy, urging Theodore not to lose, and the Duel between Blue Maiden and Bohman, reacting in fury at the sight of his brother's kidnapper.[79][80]

Blue Maiden was defeated, and as Kolter monitored LINK VRAINS he heard Jin's voice calling to him from a monitor, begging him to save him. After sending the program he'd been working on to the Knights of Hanoi, he logged into Mirror LINK VRAINS and met with Lightning and Jin. Just as Kolter had predicted, Lightning explained that he wanted him to Duel and defeat Playmaker in exchange for Jin's consciousness, otherwise Lightning would dispose of Jin's data. Kolter began simply, only Summoning "Codebreaker Zero Day" next to the Extra Monster Zone and Setting a card, while Playmaker Link Summoned "Decode Talker" and ended his turn without attacking. Kolter Link Summoned "Codebreaker Virus Swordsman" and used its effect to Summon a "Zero Day" to the Zone "Decode Talker" pointed to, reversing its ATK gain effect, while he damaged Playmaker's LP with "Codebreak Backfire". Ai criticized Kolter for attacking Playmaker, but Kolter insisted that Jin was more important to him. Kolter then attempted to damage Playmaker with the effect of "Virus Swordsman", but Playmaker negated it with the effect of "Decode Talker" and destroyed it, though the reprieve was short-lived as Kolter revived both of his monsters at the end of the turn.[76] Playmaker admitted that he couldn't fight Kolter, who warned Playmaker that he'd defeat him next turn. As Playmaker attempted to stall, Kolter tried to rile him up by claiming that he didn't care about their battle, only Jin. He Link Summoned "Codebreaker Virus Berserker", Summoning another "Zero Day" to Playmaker's field to weaken it even further and destroying "Link Satellite". Once again he tried to covertly remind Playmaker of his promise, warning him that he would lose otherwise. Kolter attacked and believed he'd won the Duel, but Playmaker used "Link Cancel" to return "Decode Talker" to the Extra Deck and Summon the monsters he'd used to Summon it, then endured the attack with the effect of "Protocol Gardna". Kolter again tried to rile Playmaker up, and Lightning ordered him to stop the needless chatter, but Kolter claimed he'd practically won the Duel and wanted his fun, before reminding Playmaker of the promise he'd made. Playmaker brought out "Decode Talker Extended", then combined it with "Decode Destruction" to defeat Kolter in a single turn, erasing his data. As Kolter was erased, he told Playmaker that he was proud of him, and his data was absorbed by Ai.[74]

Kolter later appeared in Yusaku's dreams, urging him to wake up and continue the fight despite Yusaku's disinterest.[81] His body was found in the real world by Dr. Genome and Alec, who placed him on the floor of the food truck with a pillow under his head.[82] Kolter was revived after Playmaker defeated Bohman, waking up alone in Café Nom. He began visiting Jin in hospital, leaving the Café Nom to Yusaku when he did, and as a gift he offered Yusaku and Theodore free coffee for life from the truck. The doctors explained that Jin's memories of the Lost Incident had been removed, and Yusaku speculated that Lightning had done so unintentionally when he converted some of Jin's data into LP to win his Duel with Varis.[83]


Yusaku came to Café Nom one afternoon, and Kolter thanked him for looking after the store while he was visiting Jin. Yusaku explained his suspicions to Kolter about Jin's curing, something Kolter called a blessing in disguise, as it would allow Jin to begin his life again. Yusaku stated that he believed Ai would never return to him, something Kolter suggested was a sign that Yusaku's life could begin again as well. As Kolter manned the store again, an advert for the new SOLtiS androids came on, and Kolter remarked on the notion of an android with a built-in A.I.[84]

The next day, Kolter received an email on his anonymous account from Zaizen, asking to meet with Playmaker and Soulburner. Kolter called Yusaku and Theodore to Café Nom and showed them the email, and they decided to meet Zaizen in the now-defunct Central Station, though Kolter volunteered to accompany them. Playmaker, Soulburner and Unnamed entered the network and met with Zaizen and Blue Maiden, Unnamed introducing himself to Zaizen. Ghost Gal, The Shepherd and The Gore also arrived, and Zaizen revealed to them that Queen, the CEO of SOL Technologies, had been attacked and her key to SOL Technologies stolen, and he was being targeted for the other key, which would give the holder control of the company, an action Unnamed noted could allow them to severely damage society. To Unnamed's shock, Zaizen revealed that the culprits had identified themselves to be Ai and Roboppi, and Zaizen requested their help to protect him from the A.I. from an attack that would come in three days. Later, Kolter was serving hotdogs at Café Nom, and Zaizen recognized him from his Duel with Playmaker.[85]

Yusaku eventually decided to join the battle against Ai, and Kolter remained behind in Café Nom to serve as support. He watched as a digital signature appeared on his monitor and split into three; the cause was eventually revealed to be three Ais that engaged Playmaker, Soulburner and Varis and used a stall strategy to keep them busy. Kolter could only watch helplessly as the real Ai and Roboppi arrived and Ai easily defeated and claimed the data of Baira and Dr. Genome and Faust engaged Ai, while Ghost Gal and The Shepherd engaged Roboppi.[86] Roboppi defeated Ghost Gal and The Shepherd, while Faust and Spectre, who had arrived to aid him, were also defeated by Ai, leaving only The Gore to oppose him. He urged Playmaker, Soulburner and Varis to hurry and defeat Ai's copies.[87] Gore was defeated as well, leaving Ai and Roboppi unopposed, and Kolter again urged Playmaker, Soulburner and Varis to hurry as they defeated the copies and pursued Ai and Roboppi.[88]


Kolter plays a "Codebreaker" Deck, focused around linking monsters and burn damage. His Link Monsters can swarm either player's Monster Zones that Link Monsters point to with "Codebreaker" monsters and apply various negative effects, while his Spell and Trap Cards serve to lock down his opponent's actions.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker 92-93 Lose


  • Sam Black's announcement that he was voicing Kolter in the English dub referred to the character as "Koulter". Black later corrected the spelling.
  • When Kolter's Avatar disintegrates into data, his data is blue, he and Blue Maiden are the only characters to be so; most characters usually disintegrated into yellow data, Varis disintegrated into green data, and Soulburner and Flame into red.


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