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  • In episode 88, this card appears in a flashback Marik Ishtar has when he remembers having his Rare Hunters test out the counterfeit versions of "The Winged Dragon of Ra". An unknown Rare Hunter is shown using this card in an Duel against another Rare Hunter. The first Rare Hunter is shown Tributing "Kamakiriman", this card, and "Dark Zebra" in order to Tribute Summon a counterfeit of "The Winged Dragon of Ra". As the card was a counterfeit, the fake card caused the Rare Hunter to be killed by a bolt of lightning.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX[edit]

  • In episode 114, this card appears in a flashback Mr. Stein has when he explains to Jaden Yuki his days as a Pro League duelist and how he used "Scar-Knight" to help him win his Duels. This card was shown being used by one of Mr. Stein's opponents. The flashback shows "Scar-Knight" destroying this card and "Lizard Soldier" which wins Mr. Stein the Duel.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL[edit]

  • In episode 85, a brainwashed student under Girag's control uses this card during the Battle Royal between Yuma Tsukumo, Shark, and Rio Kastle and the brainwashed students. The brainwashed students all attack Yuma directly with their monsters, but Alito activates "Lightning Clinch" to negate the attacks. Alito then activates "Brain Reboot" to return all monsters on the field to their owners' hand and inflict 500 damage to his opponents equal to the combined Levels of the monsters returned to their hand by this effect x 500, defeating the brainwashed students.
  • In episode 86, this card appears in a flashback Yuma has when he wonders if Alito got injured when he defended Yuma against the brainwashed students.