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  • In episode 5, Weevil Underwood used this card during his Duel against Yami Yugi. He equips this card to "Larvae Moth" as part of his plan to summon ultimate monster. This causes the ATK of "Larvae Moth" to become 0 and its DEF to become 2000. "Larvae Moth" then gained a Field Bonus from the Forest field. Yugi later gets rid of the forest field with a combo involving "Curse of Dragon" and "Burning Land". This reduces the DEF of "Larvae Moth" to 2000. "Gaia The Fierce Knight" then attacks and destroys "Larvae Moth". Although Yugi was able to destroy "Larvae Moth" with "Gaia The Fierce Knight" a turn early, Weevil was able to summon "Great Moth" in place of "Larvae Moth" since the latter was equipped onto this card for four turns.
    • It was mentioned during the Uncut edition of Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as the original Japanese-language edition, that with "Cocoon of Evolution" on the field, Weevil was unable to play any additional cards until Cocoon had evolved.
  • In episode 45, Three of these cocoons were seen in the Legendary Heroes Arc. After Yugi activates "Mirror Force" to protect the group from attacking insects, it created a bunch of explosions that created a fire that disturbed the Cocoons. The Cocoons then hatched into "Great Moths", but Yugi summons "Catapult Turtle" and "Kuriboh". "Catapult Turtle" then launches "Kuriboh" at the "Great Moths". Yugi then activates "Multiply" to turn "Kuriboh" into a "Kuriboh" swarm. The swarm then self destruct on the "Great Moths", destroying them.
  • In episode 63, Weevil uses this card during his Duel against Joey Wheeler. He equips this card onto "Larvae Moth" as part of his plan to summon his ultimate monster. This causes the ATK of "Larvae Moth" to become 0 and its DEF to become 2000. Weevil then activates "Reckless Parasite" to Special Summon "Parasite Paracide" to Joey's side of the field, turn all of Joey's monsters into Insects as well as prevent Joey from Tributing any Insects he controls. Weevil forgot that his "Larvae Moth" was in Attack Position once it was Joey's turn. "Little-Winguard" then attacks "Larvae Moth", but Weevil activates "Insect Barrier" to render all attacks made by Joey's Insect-type monsters useless. As Joey's monsters had become Insect-type monsters due to "Reckless Parasite", none of his monsters could attack. Four turns later, Weevil sends "Larvae Moth" to the Graveyard in order to Special Summon "Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth".
    • This card also appears on the screen of the laptop that Kenta was using when he was trying to let Serenity Wheeler know how the Duel between Joey and Weevil was going.
  • In episode 74, this card appeared within some of the small clips that were shown going through a black background before we see a montage of Joey's Battle City Duels.

Video Games[edit]

  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelist of the Roses, this card is an Equip Card.