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  • In episode 39, Pip (who was using her pet dog, Roscoe to help her Duel) uses this card during her Duel against Cathy Katherine. She equips this card to "Sumo King Dog", increasing its ATK by 1500 (500 for each Beast-type monster Pip controls). After the "Pooch Party Tokens" are destroyed by the second effect of "Pooch Party", the ATK of "Sumo King Dog" decreases to 3100. After Pip Special Summons four "Woof Tokens" via "Raise the Woof", the ATK of "Sumo King Dog" increases to 5100. When "Sumo King Dog" attacks "Cat Girl Magician" and Cathy activates "Gold Coins for Cats" in response, Pip activates the effect of "Sumo King Dog" to negate and destroy "Gold Coins for Cats". Cathy then activates "Counter Meowsure" to destroy this card and double the ATK of "Cat Girl Magician", but Pip activates "Superior Howl" to destroy this card and make the ATK of all monsters on the field become their original ATK, which makes "Counter Meowsure" resolve without effect.