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"Dragon Capture Jar" affected by "Toon World"

In both the original and dubbed anime, this card uses a Trap Card frame, matching the OCG/TCG. While it was played as a Trap Card in episode 2, and functioned as a Trap Card in the Legendary Heroes game, it was played as Monster Card (or a Trap Monster) in episode 27.

Duelist Kingdom[edit]

  • In episode 27, Pegasus uses this card during his Duel against Seto Kaiba. After this card was activated, it becomes an Effect Monster that is summoned in Defense Position. Pegasus then activates this card's effect to absorb Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and transfer the latter's DEF to this card's DEF. On Pegasus's next turn, he summons "Dragon Piper" and intends to release "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" on his next turn through the effect of "Dragon Piper" and make it a Toon Monster. Kaiba, unwilling to let that happen, Flip Summons "Swordstalker" and uses it to attack "Dragon Piper", but Pegasus activates "Doppleganger" which copies the effect of "Crush Card" and infects it into "Dragon Piper". "Swordstalker" then destroys "Dragon Piper", but the effect of "Crush Card Virus" then activates, destroying "Swordstalker" and all monsters in Kaiba's Deck that had at least 1500 ATK. This card remained on the field until the Duel was over.
  • In episode 43, Kaiba gets ambushed by an "Armed Ninja" while testing out his new game. An "Armed Ninja" then threw this card and activated it to capture Seto's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" before it took Seto himself captive.
  • In episode 45, Kaiba escapes with the help of Mokuba Kaiba. Kaiba then summons "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and uses it to destroy Witty Phantom. The group of "Armed Ninjas" reappear as the Kaiba brothers escape. One of the ninjas then activates this card to capture Kaiba's second "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", but Kaiba anticipates this by summoning "Trap Master" and using its effect to destroy this card. This frees the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" that was captured by this card two episodes ago.

Virtual World[edit]

  • In episode 108, this card appears in a flashback explained by Leichter when he reminds Seto that his birthday gift from Gozaburo Kaiba was where all the mistakes made by Seto himself began.

Waking the Dragons[edit]

  • In episode 149, this card appears in a flashback Kaiba has when Pegasus reminds Kaiba of him losing their previous Duel and losing his soul as a result of being defeated.

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Scripted Duels[edit]