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  • In episode 16, this card is shown in a flashback Seto Kaiba has when he explains to Yugi Muto what happened at the Intercontinental Tournament in New York City. Bandit Keith was shown using this card during his Duel against Maximillion Pegasus who later swapped places with a boy named Sam. Keith summoned this card in Attack Position, but his opponent Normal Summons "Flying Elephant", which decreases Keith's Life Points to 0. How it happened is unknown because "Flying Elephant" was 550 points weaker than this card, but in the manga it is explained that "Flying Elephant" is able to counter the seismic attack of "Garnecia Elefantis" (this is not a real rule).
    • This rule and some of the other rules used in the Duelist Kingdom arc are based off elemental relationships; specifically, WIND beats EARTH, in this case due to the aforementioned ability to counter this card's seismic attack.
    • This card can also be seen in Seto Kaiba's briefcase when he takes out a Duel Disk from his briefcase and tosses it to Joey Wheeler.
  • In episode 17, this card appears in a flashback Keith has when he remembers being humiliated by Pegasus at the Intercontinental Tournament when Pegasus had a kid defeat Keith through instructions that he wrote to the kid for the Duel.
  • In episode 26, this card can be seen in Kaiba's briefcase when he takes a Duel Disk from his briefcase and tosses it to Pegasus.

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