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  • In episode 105, Joey uses this card during his Duel against Johnson. He draws this card and "Shield & Sword" via "Arduous Decision". Johnson then had to select one of the two cards without looking. Johnson initially chooses "Shield & Sword", but Joey's words made him choose this card. Because of that, Joey Special Summons this card in Attack Position. He then activates the effect of "Burning Soul Sword", Tributing this card to increase the ATK of "Flame Swordsman" by the ATK of this card.
  • In episode 188, Joey uses this card during his Duel against Solomon Muto while the latter was disguised as Apdnarg Otum, an anagram of Grandpa Muto. After Joey summons this card, he uses this card to attack "Ancient Giant", but Apdnarg activates "Ordeal of a Traveler" and forces Joey to guess the card type of one card in his hand. Joey guesses Spell, but Apdnarg reveals the selected card to be "Sinister Serpent". Since Joey guessed wrong, this card went back to his hand. On Joey's next turn, he summons this card in Attack Position, but chose not to attack due to the risk of "Ordeal of a Traveler". Later "Ancient Dragon" attacks and destroys this card. The latter's effect then activates, destroying the three remaining Sheep Tokens that Joey still had on his side of the field. Joey later activates "Premature Burial" to revive this card. After "Gilford the Lightning" and "Ancient Dragon" are destroyed in a Double KO, this card attacks directly, winning Joey the duel.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's[edit]

  • In episode 34, this card is shown in a flashback Kalin Kessler when he remembers himself and his former friends defeating other gangs in Satellite and taking their territories as their own as the Enforcers in order to get their satisfaction. A Duel Gang member uses this card during his Ground Duel against Jack Atlas. Jack's "Twin-Sword Marauder" then attacks and destroys this card. "Twin-Sword Marauder" then inflicts piercing damage to the Duel Gang member, winning Jack the Duel.
  • In episode 111, this card appears in Max's Deck when Jack looks through it.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time[edit]

  • Two copies of this card appear in Paradox's explanation when he tells Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei that the reason why he came to the past was so that he could prevent his own bad future from happening. Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei disagreed with going along with Paradox's plan as Paradox's actions will destroy and ruin their eras in time since they revolved around Duel Monsters.

Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL[edit]

  • In chapter 9, Yuma uses this card in his Duel against Shota Geki. Yuma equips this card to "Zubaba General" via "General's" effect. The ATK increase from "Goblin Attack Force" allows "General" to destroy Shota's "Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King" by battle. The next turn, "General's" effect is negated by Shota's second "Tiger King", causing the ATK increase from this card to be ignored. "General" is then destroyed by battle by "Tiger King". As "Zubaba General" left the field, this card is destroyed.

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Video Games[edit]