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  • In episode 176, Yami Yugi uses this card during his Duel against Rafael. He creates this card by merging "Claw of Hermos" with "Queen's Knight". Yami then equips this card onto "Guardian Eatos", doubling its ATK. "Eatos" then attacks "Guardian Dreadscythe", but Rafael discards a card in order to prevent "Dreadscythe" from being destroyed. Yami then activates this card's effect, allowing "Eatos" to avoid being destroyed by battle when "Dreadscythe" avoids being destroyed and attack "Dreadscythe" again when it fails to destroy "Dreadscythe" in battle. This continued until Rafael ran out of cards. Once that happened, both "Guardian Eatos" and "Guardian Dreadscythe" were destroyed in a Double KO. Since "Guardian Eatos" was destroyed, this card was destroyed.