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  • In episode 4, Weevil Underwood uses this card during his Duel against Yami Yugi. He Normal Summons this card in Attack Position as part of Weevil's strategy to build an Insect army. This card is later destroyed by Yugi's "Mirror Force".
  • In episode 63, this card is the "rare" monster Weevil Underwood offered a young duelist for stealing Joey Wheeler's deck and sneaking in a Parasite Paracide card into it. The young duelist was unhappy about getting this card as a "rare" monster and Weevil then blasts goofy string at the duelist before leaving.
  • In episode 162, during Weevil Underwood's Duel against Yami Yugi, Weevil held up this card only showing the reverse side, claiming it was the card Yami Yugi need to save Yugi's soul, but tore it up to upset Yami Yugi. He then revealed he was lying, causing Yami Yugi to go berserk and relentlessly attack him using "Berserker Soul".

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX[edit]

  • In episode 43, this card was shown in a flashback Alexis Rhodes has when she explains to her friends the backstory between her and Pierre. In the said flashback, Alexis was shown using this card during her duel against Pierre. After "Gemini Elf" attacks and destroys "The Snake Hair", this card and "Armored Lizard" attack Pierre directly, winning Alexis the Duel.
    • This card is later shown in a flashback Alexis had when she notes that she tried to teach Pierre the game that she loves, but he used the game to steal the belongings of the other classmates.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's[edit]

  • In episode 44, this card is shown amongst other cards that were used in an unfinished Ground Duel between two Satellite residents (the Duel involved a Duelist Base and no holographic projections). The Duel was not finished due to the Satellite residents being absorbed by a shadowy fog.

Video games[edit]