Card Appearances:Jumbo Drill

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  • In episode 28, Cody uses this card during his Duel against Yuma Tsukumo. After he Normal Summons this card, Cody activates "Charging Construction" to Special Summon "Road Roller". Due to this card's effect, it gains 300 ATK. Later "Gagaga Magician" (who was Level 8 through its own effect and its ATK was 2300 due to "Bound Wand") attacks this card, but Cody activates "Foreman's Fury" to target this card and decrease the ATK of "Gagaga Magician" by 1000 since it is battling "Jumbo Drill". This card then destroys "Gagaga Magician". Yuma activates the second effect of "Bound Wand" to revive "Gagaga Magician". After Cody Normal Summons "Strong Shovel Excavator", this card gains 300 more ATK. After "Strong Shovel Excavator" attacks "Gagaga Magician" and Yuma activates "Half Unbreak" to prevent his monster's destruction and halve any battle damage he takes from battles involving it, this card attacks "Gagaga Magician". While the latter wasn't destroyed, this card inflicts piercing damage to Yuma (the damage is still halved by "Half Unbreak"). After Cody activates "Scrap and Build" to revive "Strong Shovel Excavator" and increase its Level by one, Cody activates "Overhaul" to increase the Level of all monsters he controls by one. Cody then overlays this card, "Road Roller", and "Strong Shovel Excavator" in order to Xyz Summon "Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry".