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  • In episode 7, Mako Tsunami uses this card during his Duel against Yami Yugi. He Normal Summons this card in Attack Position. This card then gains a Field Power Bonus from the ocean field. This card then attacks and destroys "Silver Fang". The attack also ended up flooding almost all of the field, leaving only 5% of land remaining. Yami later uses "Giant Soldier of Stone" to destroy "Full Moon" which makes the water recede away and expose Mako's monsters. All of Mako's monsters then lost their Field Power Bonus. Yami then summons "Curse of Dragon" and activates "Burning Land" to allow "Curse of Dragon" to attack all of Mako's monsters. "Curse of Dragon" then attacks and destroys all of Mako's monsters, winning Yami Yugi the Duel.