Card Appearances:Legendary Knight Timaeus

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  • In episode 181, Yami Yugi uses this card during his Duel against Dartz. He summons this card via "Legend of Heart" along with the other two Legendary Knights. All three knights then attack "Orichalcos Aristeros". The latter's ATK then became the same as the knights' ATK plus 300 during damage calculation. The attacks all failed, but with each attack "Orichalcos Shunoros" lost 3100 ATK. Later Yami Yugi destroys all of Dartz's monsters with the help of the effect of "Legendary Knight Critias" and "Mirror Force", but this allows Dartz to summon "Divine Serpent Geh". Later "Divine Serpent Geh" attacks and destroys this card, but Yami Yugi activates "Relay Soul" to prevent himself from losing by summoning "Dark Magician Girl". Dartz then activates "Impact Revive" to Special Summon this card onto Yami Yugi's side of the field with its ATK increased by 500 and repeat his Battle Phase. "Divine Serpent Geh" then attacks "Dark Magician Girl". In the next episode, Yami Yugi activates the effect of "Legendary Knight Hermos" to redirect the attack to him. Yami then banishes "Obnoxious Celtic Guard" from the Graveyard so that "Hermos" gains its effects. "Hermos" is not destroyed by the attack since it had the effect of "Obnoxious Celtic Guard" effect and Yami Yugi did not lose the duel since "Dark Magician Girl" was still on the field. Yami Yugi then uses "Critias" and "Hermos" to attack "Divine Serpent Geh" while he activates the effects of both monsters. After Yami Yugi successfully activates all the effects of "Critias" and "Hermos", Yami Yugi activates this card's second effect to have it absorb "Critias" and "Hermos" and Special Summon "Timaeus the Knight of Destiny". Later, Yami Yugi uses this card in the battle with The Great Leviathan. He Special Summons this card via "Legend of Heart" along with the other two knights. All the monsters that the three chosen Duelists summoned and brought out then attacked the Great Leviathan, but the attacks did not destroy it. When the Great Leviathan attacked, Yami Yugi had this monster absorb the power of "Big Shield Gardna" in order to protect everyone. This saves the chosen Duelists and the three Knights, but every other monster that was summoned was destroyed. In the next episode, the chosen Duelists each summon out three new monsters. All the monsters that the chosen Duelists have then attack the Great Leviathan, along with the Duel Spirits that have come to aid in the fight, but the Great Leviathan still did not suffer any visible damage. The Great Leviathan than attacks, destroying all of the chosen Duelists' monsters, including the three Legendary Knights. Much later, the Egyptian Gods were able to defeat the Great Leviathan, but it's revealed later their attack had unleashed Dartz and the Leviathan's true form. This monster comes out on his own free will and attacks the Leviathan, but the attack doesn't do any visible damage. The Leviathan then attacks this monster, striking him down, but Yami Yugi quickly recalls this monster back into his Deck before he could be harmed anymore.