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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX[edit]

  • In episode 8, this card appears in a flashback Jaden has when he notes that something must have happened between Syrus and Zane Truesdale to have made Syrus not allow himself to use this card back in their practice Duel.
  • In episode 52, Zane Truesdale uses this card during his Duel against Jaden Yuki. After Zane Fusion Summons "Cyber End Dragon" via "Power Bond", the ATK of "Cyber End Dragon" is doubled due to the effect of "Power Bond". Zane then activates this card to double the ATK of "Cyber End Dragon" until the End Phase, making its ATK 16000.
  • In episode 65, this card is shown in Zane's hand during his Duel against Mad Dog. Mad Dog then activates "Card Destruction" to force both players to discard their entire hand and draw a new hand.
  • In episode 83, Zane uses this card during his Duel against Chancellor Sheppard. He draws this card via "Pot of Greed". After Zane activates "Scrap Fusion" to Fusion Summon Sheppard's "Cyber Ogre 2" to his side of the field, he uses "Cyber Ogre 2" to attack "Cyber End Dragon". Due to the effect of "Cyber Ogre 2", it gains ATK equal to half of "Cyber End Dragon's" ATK during the Damage Step only. Zane then activates this card to double the ATK of "Cyber Ogre 2" until the End Phase. "Cyber Ogre 2" then destroys "Cyber End Dragon", winning Zane the Duel.
  • In episode 112, this card appears in a series of flashbacks Chazz has when he declares that he won't lose to Adrian after he got left at the bottom ranks and worked very hard at getting back to the top.
  • In episode 163, Makoto Inotsume uses this card during his Duel against Zane. He uses this card to double the ATK of "Drillago" until the End Phase. On Makoto's End Phase, this card's final effect destroys "Drillago".
    • This card is also seen in a flashback Syrus has when he reminds Zane on the latter's Graduation Duel against Jaden Yuki and notes on how time flies quickly.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's[edit]

  • In episode 50, Luna uses this card during her Ground Duel against Devack while the former was using Leo's Deck (It was originally Leo against Devack, but Luna eventually took over for her brother). When "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu" attacks "Power Tool Dragon" (whose ATK was 2000 due to it being affected by "Roaring Earth") Luna activates this card to double the ATK of "Power Tool Dragon" until the End Phase. Damage is calculated, but Devack activates the effect of "Cusillu" to Tribute "Ancient Fairy Dragon" and prevent his monster's destruction as well as halve Luna's Life Points. On Luna's End Phase, this card's effect expires. Luna then sends "Central Shield" to the Graveyard in order to prevent "Power Tool Dragon" from being destroyed by this card's final effect.

Video games[edit]