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  • In episode 6 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters, this monster was the first half of the "Trial of Light and Shadow". When the sun shone down into the valley, Prisman appeared. At first, it was no match for Joey and Tristan, Joey able to fight it off easily even without his monster's help. But once the sun reached its zenith above the valley, Prisman began absorbing its light to fire lasers. It blasted at Joey, Tristan, and Grandpa repeatedly, and one of its blasts hit the 'Unbreakable Stone' described in the trial. Tristan and his Thunder Kid noticed and began taunting Prisman, who grew comically angry and continued blasting. Once it had damaged the stone enough, Tristan tricked Joey into taunting Prisman and drawing its fire while Thunder Kid shattered the weakened stone. Then, using a fragment of the stone as a shield, the group charged into point-blank distance of Prisman, where Flame Swordsman destroyed it.