Card Appearances:Spirit of the Pharaoh

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  • In episode 40, Abidos the Third uses this card during his duel against Jaden Yuki. He Special Summons this card via the effect of "The First Sarcophagus". Abidos then activates this card's effect to summon two "Pharaonic Protectors" and two "Pharaoh's Servants" from his Graveyard. Jaden then activates "Invincible Hero" to prevent "Elemental HERO Sparkman" from being destroyed by battle this turn. Abidos then activates "Thousand Energy" to increase the ATK of his two "Pharaoh's Servants" and his two "Pharaonic Protectors" by 1000. All of Abidos's monsters then attack "Sparkman". Due to the effect of "Invincible Hero", "Sparkman" is not destroyed by any of the attacks, but Jaden still takes Battle Damage from the attacks. This card remained on the field until the Duel was over.
  • In episode 159, this card is shown in a series of flashbacks Axel Brodie has when he explains that Kagemaru once used the scholarship students to resurrect the Sacred Beasts and gain eternal life until Jaden stopped him.