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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's[edit]

Fortune Cup[edit]

Dark Signers[edit]

  • In episode 43, Crow Hogan uses this card during his Ground Duel against Lazar. When "Bora the Spear" attacks directly and Lazar activates "Imperial Manners" to destroy all Attack Position monsters Crow controls, Crow activates this card to immediately Synchro Summon a Synchro Monster during the Battle Phase, but Lazar activates "Discord" to forbid both players from Synchro Summoning. The effect of "Imperial Manners" then destroys both "Bora the Spear" and "Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind".
  • In episode 49, this card appears in Leo's hand during his Ground Duel against Devack. In the next episode, Luna took over for Leo after she got out of the Spirit World and Leo became too injured to continue. This card can be seen in Luna's hand after she drew "Limiter Removal".

Pre-World Racing Grand Prix[edit]

  • In episode 67, this card is shown flying out of Yusei's Deck while he and his friends were testing out a Duel Runner and it malfunctioned.
  • In episode 72, Yusei uses this card during his Turbo Duel against Sherry LeBlanc. He uses this card to Synchro Summon his "Turbo Warrior" during the Battle Phase after using "Synchro Out" to return "Turbo Warrior" to his Extra Deck and revive "Junk Warrior" and "Turbo Synchron", however Sherry then activates the effect of "Chevalier de Fleur" to negate this card's effect and destroy it. After Yusei Special Summons "Junk Collector" via the effect of "Turbo Synchron", Yusei activates the effect of "Junk Collector" to banish itself and this card from his Graveyard in order to activate this card's effect as the effect of "Junk Collector", allowing Yusei to tune "Junk Warrior" with "Turbo Synchron" and Synchro Summon "Turbo Warrior".
    • This card also appears in Sherry's mind when she notes that Yusei is planning to Synchro Summon again via his set card (she believes it's possibly this card) since he is returning "Turbo Warrior" to his Extra Deck and Special Summoning its Synchro Material Monsters from his Graveyard. She then deduces that Yusei will Synchro Summon "Turbo Warrior" again and use it to attack "Chevalier de Fleur" again, however she knows Yusei is aware that "Chevalier de Fleur" negates and destroy one Spell or Trap once per turn, so Yusei must be setting up an even greater combo.
  • In episode 73, this card appeared in Yusei Fudo's nightmare which involved a Turbo Duel between himself and an unknown opponent. This card was set face-down, and it, along with "Scrap-Iron Scarecrow" were destroyed by the effect of "Tiger Dragon".
  • In episode 76, Syd uses this card during his Ground Duel against Jack Atlas. He discards this card in order to activate the first effect of "Combat Wheel".

World Racing Grand Prix[edit]

Ark Cradle[edit]

Evolving Duel! Stardust VS Red Demons[edit]

  • This card is seen in Yusei's hand during his Turbo Duel against Jack.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V[edit]

Friendship Cup[edit]

Heartland City[edit]