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Yu-Gi-Oh! (Toei anime)[edit]

Yu-Gi-Oh! (anime)[edit]

  • This card's attack is called "Fiery Cannonballs" 「火球の飛礫」 in the Japanese anime and manga, and simply "Fireball" in the English versions).

Duelist Kingdom[edit]

  • In episode 8, Yugi used this card during his Duel against Mokuba Kaiba. After Yugi Summons this card, he uses this card to attack and destroy Mokuba's "Man-Eating Plant" which Mokuba was surprised at. Yugi claims he can't win with cards that don't belong to him. Mokuba Summons "Krokodilus" and uses it to attack this card. This card then destroys "Krokodilus". The Duel, at this point, ends prematurely due to Mokuba stealing some of Yugi's star chips and running away.
  • In episode 14, Yugi uses this card during his Duel against PaniK. He first Summoned this card in Defense Position. On Yugi's next turn, he switches this card to Attack Position and ordered it to attack. The attack then briefly revealed the monsters PaniK had out at the moment ("Barox" and "Dark Chimera"). "Barox" then attacks and destroys this card.

Legendary Heroes[edit]

Battle City[edit]

Virtual World[edit]

  • In episode 102, Yugi uses this card while he was going through a Duel Puzzle. After Yugi Summons this card he uses this card to attack and destroy the Level-one door monster, "Sinister Serpent".
  • In episode 103, this card appears in a flashback Téa Gardner has when she remembers Yugi talking about "Maha Vailo" looking similar to him and having a great power inside its effect.

Battle City Finals[edit]

  • In episode 144, this card is shown being used in a Duel between two kids when Téa and Serenity Wheeler are shown going through a park.

Grand Championship[edit]

  • In episode 186, Yami Yugi uses this card during his Duel against the KC DuelTek 760 while the former was using Rick's Deck. He draws this card and five other Dragon-Type monsters via the effect of "Heart of the Underdog". Yugi later discards this card and the five other Dragon-Type Normal Monsters that he drew, so that "Spirit Ryu" would gain 1000 ATK for each Dragon discarded.


  • In the English dubs, the "#1" was edited out of the name so it became simply, "Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress."
  • In the Spanish dub, this card was known as "Dragón Alado, Guardián de la Fortaleza".