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Zeman is the cause of the chaos in the Duel Monsters Spirit World; placing the Minus Curse on Ancient Fairy Dragon prior to episode 19, capturing Luna's spirit monsters in episode 48, and sending his army to put Cursed Needles all over the Minus World. Monkey King Zeman first appears as a character in episode 48.

See also: Zeman the Ape King (character)
  • In episode 48, Devack uses this card during his Ground Duel against Leo. He Dark Synchro Summons this card by Dark Tuning "Ape Fighter" (who was Level -5 due to Devack using "Dark Wave" on it) with "Dark Tuner Dark Ape". Since the latter monster was used for a Dark Synchro Summon and sent to the Graveyard, its effect allows Devack to draw one card. Devack then activates "Closed Forest". In the next episode, "Closed Forest" increases this card's ATK by 500 since there were five monsters in Devack's Graveyard. This card then attacks "Power Tool Dragon", but Leo sends "Break! Draw!" to the Graveyard to prevent his monster's destruction, however he still takes Battle Damage. On Devack's next turn, this card attacks "Power Tool Dragon". Devack then activates "Roaring Earth" to allow his monsters to inflict piercing damage. Leo sends "Megamorph" to prevent "Power Tool Dragon" from being destroyed, however this card then inflicts piercing damage to Leo. "Roaring Earth" then decreases the ATK and DEF of "Power Tool Dragon" by 300. In the following episode, Leo equips "Power Tool Dragon" with "Double Tool C&D" and since it is currently Leo's turn, "Double Tool C&D" increases the ATK of "Power Tool Dragon" by 1000. "Power Tool Dragon" then attacks this card. After damage calculation, Leo sends "Double Tool C&D" to the Graveyard to prevent his monster's destruction, so only this card was destroyed. Devack then activates "Dark Matter" to draw two cards and set them in his Monster Card Zones. This card is later shown in Devack's Graveyard when he counts up the number of monsters in his Graveyard for the effect of "Closed Forest".
  • The name of this card's attack is "Cursed Flare".