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  • The anime artwork depicts two extra gravestones in the background compared to the original manga artwork. In addition, the bright glow around the cards is removed.
  • The dubbed anime artwork replaces the large cross-shaped gravestone with a rounded one to remove religious symbols. However, the cross-shaped gravestone in the background is unchanged. The layout of the cards are also changed to match their appearance in the dubbed anime.
  • The TCG artwork replaces the blank cards with specific ones and uses a different and more detailed non-cross-shaped gravestone. Like the manga artwork, there are no additional gravestones in the background, and the bright glow around the cards returns, emphasized by several radiating red lines.
  • The OCG artwork returns to using a cross-shaped gravestone. The specific cards are also changed to Japanese.
  • The image on the English version of this card's official database page features the cross-shaped gravestone as well as different cards being held, including "Amazoness Blowpiper" and "United Resistance".
Card of Last Will