Card Names:Ally of Justice Quarantine

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  • The unofficial Arabic name given (نصير العدالة: متفقّد البُعد المختلف Naṣīru l-ʿAdālah: Mutafaqqidu l-Buʿdi l-Muḫtalif) translates to Ally of Justice: Different Dimension Inspector.
  • The Japanese name of this card (Ally of Justice D.D. Checker) can be translated in Greek as "Σύμμαχος της Δικαιοσύνης Επιθεωρητής Δ.Δ.". The acronyms Δ.Δ." (Διαφορετική Διάσταση) are a Greek translation of the exact same words the acronyms "D.D." stand for (Different Dimension).