Card Names:Exodia the Forbidden One

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  • In the Bulgarian anime dub, this card's name is "Забранената Екзодия".
  • The German name of the card, "Exodia, die Verbotene", designates Exodia as female, which stands in contrast to the designations of either male or an unspecified gender in other languages.
  • In the American Spanish anime dub, this card's name is "Cabeza de Exodia".
  • In the Arabic anime dub, this card has been referred to as:
    • إكسوديا ʾIksūdiyā = "Exodia" (Duelist Kingdom)
    • إكسوديا - المنبوذ ʾIksūdiyā - al-Manbūḏ = "Exodia" - The Forsaken (Battle City)
    • رأس إكسوديا Raʾsu ʾIksūdiyā = Head of "Exodia" (Battle City)
  • The Greek name given translates to "Exodia's Head", a card name offered by the official Greek dub of the anime.
  • In the Spanish dub, this card was known as "Exodia, el Prohibido".
  • In the French dub, this card was known as "Exodia le Maudit", which means "Exodia the Cursed One".