Card Names:Relinquished

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  • This card is called "Das Opfer" ("The Sacrifice") in the German anime, but "Aufgegeben" ("Relinquished") in the German TCG.
  • In the Spanish American dub, "Relinquished" was named "Despojo", which is a more accurate translation. Its name in the Spanish dub was "Abandonado".
  • This card is called "Abdicação" (Abdication) in the Portuguese anime, but this "Renunciado" (Relinquished) in the Portuguese TCG.
  • This card's Arabic name (الخارق) could stand to mean many things. Roughly translated it could mean "The Supernatural", "The Miraculous", "The Extraordinary", or "The Celestial".
  • In the Serbian dub, this card was named "Umotvorac", meaning "The Mind Creator".