Card Names:Sanga of the Thunder

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  • "Sanga" means 3 piece in Chinese which might suggest the fact that the three pieces Sanga of the Thunder, Suijin, and Kazejin make up Gate Guardian. "of the Thunder" means exactly as it is.
  • In the German dub of Yu-Gi-Oh, this card's name is "Sanga", while in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX it's "Sanga der Donnerdämonengott" ("Sanga the Thunder Demon God"). In the TCG it's "Sanga des Donners" ("Sanga of the Thunder").
  • In the Arabic anime dub, this card was given 2 names:
  • The Greek name given translates to "Sanga, the Thunder God", a card name offered by the official Greek dub of the anime.