Card Names:The Winged Dragon of Ra

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  • In the Arabic anime dub, this card has been referred to by 3 names:
    • تنّين الدرع المجنّح = Armor Winged Dragon
    • تنّين رَع المجنّح = The Winged Dragon of Ra
    • التنّين المجنّح رَع = The Winged Dragon Ra
  • In the German dub of the anime, this card's name is "Der geflügelte Drache des Ra". In the TCG it was translated as "Der geflügelte Drache von Ra" instead.
  • In the Bulgarian dub of the anime, this card`s name has been referred to "Крилатият Дракон на Ра".
  • According to this picture, the (unofficial?) Thai name of "The Winged Dragon of Ra" is "เทพมังกรมีปีก ราห์".
  • In the Millennium World manga, "Ra" is also known as "The Falcon of the Wing Holding Sun" (太陽の翼を持つ鷹 Taiyō no Tsubasa o Motsu Taka).
  • This card official Chinese name is "太陽神的翼神龍", meaning "Winged God Dragon of Sun God", not even mentioning "Ra".