Card Rulings:Ancient Warriors Saga - Sun-Liu Alliance

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OCG Rulings

  • This card's effect that prevents your opponent from activating monster effects starts a Chain. (It does not target.)[1]
  • When activating this effect, declare 1 Attribute that is among the face-up monsters in your opponent's Monster Zone.[1]
  • This effect is applied to monsters that are face-up in your opponent's Monster Zone when the effect resolves.[1]
  • This card's effect that increases the ATK of all "Ancient Warriors" monsters on your field starts a Chain. (It does not target, and cannot be activated during the Damage Step.)[1]

Q&A Rulings

A: In this scenario, even if "Ancient Warriors Saga - Sun-Liu Alliance" is destroyed after its effect has already been applied, monsters with the declared Attribute cannot activate their effects until the end of this turn. (In this case, since WIND was declared, WIND monsters that were face-up in your Monster Zone when the effect resolves are still unable to activate their effects.)[2][3]