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TCG Rulings

Mentions in Other Rulings

Previously Official Rulings

  • Monsters affected by "Creature Swap" do not return to their owner's control at the end of the turn, they stay under the opponent’s control until removed from the field or a card effect such as "Remove Brainwashing" says otherwise.
  • The battle position of monsters affected by "Creature Swap" may be changed by card effects the turn "Creature Swap" was activated.
  • A player may select a monster that had its battle position changed earlier in the turn (manually or by card effect).
  • A player may activate "Change of Heart" to gain control of an opponent's monster, and then activate "Creature Swap" and select that monster to return to the opponent. At the end of the turn, the monster targeted by "Change of Heart" does not switch sides again since it is already on the owner's side of the field.

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • Dark Fusion: When you Special Summon a Fiend-Type Fusion Monster with “Dark Fusion” and during the same turn control of the Fiend-Type Fusion Monster is shifted to your opponent (with “Creature Swap”, etc.), your opponent still cannot target that Fiend-Type Fusion Monster with the effects of Spell, Trap, or Monster Cards until the end of the turn, even though they now control the Fiend-Type Fusion Monster.
  • Remove Brainwashing: When "Remove Brainwashing" is already active on the field and a switching effect is activated, or "Remove Brainwashing" is chained to a switching effect and is thus active before the switching effect resolves, control switches due to the effect but then switches back to the original owner because of "Remove Brainwashing". So for "Creature Swap", control is changed but then control goes back to the original owners. This means that if you give control of "Griggle" or "Ameba" to your opponent, their effect IS activated even though "Griggle"/"Ameba" then returns to the original owner's control afterwards.

OCG Rulings

  • The effect does not target. The monster whose control will be switched are chosen at resolution.[12]
  • Each player selects which of his monsters will switch control.[12]
  • While "Rivalry of Warlords" is active, when "Creature Swap" is activated, players may exchange monsters of different Types. After a monster switches control, if its new controller also controls a monster of a different Type, then the monster which switched control is sent to the Graveyard. However, if you only control one monster after the monsters switch control, then you only control one Type of monster, so the monster whose control you gained is not sent to the Graveyard.[14]

Mentions in Other Rulings


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