Card Rulings:Fortune Fairy Hu

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OCG Rulings

  • This card's effect that Special Summons it from your hand is a Trigger Effect that activates in the hand. (It does not target. Revealing the drawn "Fortune Fairy Hu" in your hand is the cost to activate its effect.)[1]
  • You can activate this effect not only when you draw "Fortune Fairy Hu" for your normal draw during your Draw Phase, but also when you draw it with a card effect such as Pot of Greed.[1]
  • This card's effect that adds 1 of your banished Spellcaster monsters to your hand is a Trigger Effect. (It can be activated during the Damage Step.)[1]
  • This effect targets 1 of your face-up banished Spellcaster monsters.[1]

Q&A Rulings