Card Rulings:Guard Mines

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OCG Rulings

  • This effect does not target. This card can be activated by directly chaining to an opponent's monster effect, or activation of a Spell or Trap Card, that targets 1 monster in your monster zone and would destroy that monster, by directly chaining to it.[1]
  • This card cannot be chained to the activation of only an effect of a Spell or Trap Card.[1]
  • This card cannot be chained to a card or effect that targets two or more cards.[1]
  • This card can be activated during the damage step.[1]
  • Negate the activation and destroy it and inflict 500 damage to your opponent are not considered to occur simultaneously.[1]

TCG Rulings

  • This card is Chained directly to the effect that targets and would destroy your monster.[2]
  • You can Chain Guard Mines to a card that will resolve in the Graveyard, like Exiled Force. If you do, the effect of the card will be negated, but since it cannot be destroyed no damage will be inflicted.[2]


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