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TCG Rulings

Mentions in Other Rulings

Judge Program Forum Rulings

OCG Rulings

  • You activate this card when an opponent's monster declares an attack.[6]
  • The effect targets one of your opponent's attacking monsters.[6]

Versus Specific Cards

Previously Official Rulings

  • The Damage caused by this card’s effect is equal to the current ATK of the attacking monster.

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • Amazoness Archers: If you activate "Amazoness Archers" and chain "Magic Cylinder", "Magic Cylinder" does the full damage before the -500 ATK is applied; your opponent's other monsters must attack normally. If you chain "Amazoness Archers" to "Magic Cylinder", the ATK is reduced first and then "Magic Cylinder" does damage.
  • Book of Moon: If you chain "Book of Moon" to "Magic Cylinder" […] to flip the target of any of those cards face-down, the card’s effect disappears. (See "Activation & Targeting Eligibility" in the Advanced FAQ.)
  • Grasschopper: While “Grasschopper’s” effect is active, if “Grasschopper” attacks a monster and your opponent activates “Magic Cylinder” to negate the attack, “Grasschopper” can attack that same monster again.
  • Ordeal of a Traveler: When you activate "Ordeal of a Traveler"’s effect as a chain to "Magic Cylinder", since "Ordeal of a Traveler" resolves first, if your opponent guesses incorrectly then the attack does not resolve and the effect of "Magic Cylinder" disappears. If multiple copies of "Ordeal of a Traveler" are active, their effects are cumulative.
  • Spirit Reaper: When "Spirit Reaper" is targeted by an effect, "Spirit Reaper" is destroyed by its own effect AFTER resolving the effect that targeted it. For example, if "Spirit Reaper" attacks and "Magic Cylinder" is activated, designating "Spirit Reaper", first "Magic Cylinder" will resolve, negate the attack, and inflict 300 damage to the controller of "Spirit Reaper". Then, after that, "Spirit Reaper" is destroyed by its effect.


  1. Konami Judge Program Rulings are considered unverified, as their source(s) are not publicly viewable. They are not confirmed as applicable to the TCG until they have been officially published by Konami.


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