Card Rulings:Stygian Street Patrol

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TCG Rulings

  • You calculate the damage from this card’s effect using the printed Level of the destroyed monster.[1]
  • Removing this card from play is a cost.[1]
  • You do not have to reveal the monster you wish to Special Summon when you activate this card’s effect to Special Summon, but you must have at least 1 monster you can Summon with it.[1]

Related Rulings


OCG Rulings

  • This effect cannot be activated if this card battles a monster with the same ATK and both monsters are destroyed.[2]
  • Even if this card destroys an Xyz Monster by battle, this effect activates and starts a Chain Link. (Your opponent takes no damage.)[2]
  • The damage inflicted by the effect of "Stygian Street Patrol" is 100 x the destroyed monster's original Level, while it is in the Graveyard.[4]


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