Card Rulings:Supreme Sovereign Serpent of Golgonda

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OCG Rulings

  • The effect that Special Summons this card is an Ignition Effect that can be activated in the hand or GY.[1]
  • The effect that makes this card's original ATK become 3000 is a Continuous Effect. (If "Great Sand Sea - Gold Golgonda" is face-up on either player's field, this card's original ATK becomes 3000. If not, this card's original ATK is 0.)[1]
  • The effect that prevents a "Great Sand Sea - Gold Golgonda" from being destroyed by a card effect by banishing a monster from your GY instead is a Continuous Effect. (This effect can be applied when a "Great Sand Sea - Gold Golgonda" on either player's field would be destroyed, and can also be applied during the Damage Step.)[1]