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OCG Rulings

Q&A Rulings

  • Q: While there are no monsters on my field, I activate the effect of a "Trickstar Corobane" in my hand that Special Summons it. If my opponent chains "Ojama Trio", so that there are non-"Trickstar" monsters on my field when the effect of "Trickstar Corobane" resolves, what happens?
A: In this scenario, when resolving the effect of a "Trickstar Corobane" that Special Summons it from your hand, the effect is applied normally even if non-"Trickstar" monsters exist on your field.[1]
  • Q: When I activate the effect of "Trickstar Corobane" that Special Summons it, my opponent chains "Solemn Strike" and negates the activation of that effect. During the same turn, can I activate the second effect of another "Trickstar Corobane" during the Damage Step when a "Trickstar" monster on my field battles an opponent's monster?
A: You can only activate one of the effects of "Trickstar Corobane" each turn, and only once per turn. In this scenario, even if the activation of one effect is negated, another "Trickstar Corobane" cannot activate either of its effects during the same turn.[2]
A: In this scenario, the original ATK of "Trickstar Candina" is 900 due to the effect of "Shrink". When the effect of "Trickstar Corobane" resolves, "Trickstar Candina" gains ATK equal to its original ATK, so in this case it will gain 900 ATK and will have 1800 ATK.[3]