Card Rulings:White Aura Dolphin

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OCG Rulings

Q&A Rulings

  • Q: When I attempt to Synchro Summon a "White Aura Dolphin", my opponent activates "Solemn Judgment", negates the Summon, and destroys it. In this case, can I activate the effect of "White Aura Dolphin" that Special Summons it from the Graveyard?
A: In this scenario, although your "White Aura Dolphin" was destroyed by your opponent’s Solemn Judgment and sent to the Graveyard, it was never properly Synchro Summoned. In that case, since you cannot Special Summon "White Aura Dolphin" from the Graveyard, its effect cannot be activated.[1]
  • Q: When my opponent activates "Dark Hole" and destroys my "White Aura Dolphin", if I activate its effect that Special Summons it, what happens if my opponent chains the effect of their "D.D. Crow" and banishes "White Aura Dolphin"?
A: As in this scenario, if "White Aura Dolphin" is not in your Graveyard when its effect that Special Summons it resolves, the effect is not applied.[2]