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OCG Rulings

Q&A Rulings

A: In this scenario, since "X-Krawler Synaphysis" is linked to both copies of "X-Krawler Neurogos", the first effect of each "X-Krawler Neurogos" makes it gain 300 ATK and DEF, so it gains a total of 600 ATK, and currently has 2400 ATK. The battle damage your opponent takes is double the difference between its current ATK and the ATK of "Chosen by the World Chalice", so your opponent takes 1600 damage. (Even if the effects of both copies of "X-Krawler Neurogos" are applied, the battle damage is only doubled once.)[1]
  • Q: A face-down Defense Position"Krawler Axon" on my field is pointed to by "X-Krawler Neurogos". If "Krawler Axon" is attacked and flipped face-up by an opponent's monster, will the effect of "X-Krawler Neurogos" apply to it?
A: A face-down Defense Position "Krawler Axon" that an "X-Krawler Neurogos" points will be flipped face-up if attacked, so the effect of "X-Krawler Neurogos" will apply to it. (It is not destroyed by battle, and it gains 300 ATK and DEF. If the resulting DEF is higher than the attacking monster's ATK, the battle damage your opponent takes is doubled.)[2]