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Fusion Sage/King of the Swamp[edit]

  • on the rulings page for Fusion sage it says it's effect does not apply to this card. Volcanic Rocket if I remeber correctly is worded similarly to both King of the Swamp and Fusion sage and [1] it says it can get both tri-blaze and blaze accelerator. To sum this up, were is stated this card cannot be found by King of the Swamp or Fusion Sage outside of this site? (and do both king of the swamp and fusion sage do the same thing in theory) Dmaster (Contribs Count) 20:59, 14 April 2008 (UTC)
  • Until Konami or UDE release a ruling on this, we err on the side of caution, and don't say whether KotS or Fusion Sage can search for both, because we don't know.--TwoTailedFox (My Talk Page) 17:31, 14 April 2008 (EDT)