Card Tips:ABC-Dragon Buster

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  • All three Materials can be Summoned with "Ties of the Brethren". Despite the fact this card cannot be Special Summoned during the same turn "Ties of the Brethren" was activated, it can be Summoned during the next turn, regardless if the 3 Materials are still on the field or if the opponent managed to send them to the Graveyard.
  • If this card's effect is used while "Saffira, Queen of Dragons" is on your field, by discarding a LIGHT monster, "Saffira" can become a draw engine for the deck.
  • "Union Scramble" can be used to Special Summon "A", "B" and "C", so that they can be equipped to this card and grant it immunities against card effects and destruction by battle.
  • This card can be Tributed for the Special Summon of a "Kaiju", so that the opponent doesn't have the chance to Special Summon "A", "B" and "C".
    • Alternatively, "System Down" can be used. Unlike with other mass removal cards such as "Raigeki", if the opponent attempts to have this card dodge the destruction, the materials will simply be banished upon being Summoned.


 Japanese namePrimary typeLevel/
A-Assault Coreエー-アサルト・コアEffect Monster41900200
B-Buster Drakeビー-バスター・ドレイクEffect Monster415001800
C-Crush Wyvernシー-クラッシュ・ワイバーンEffect Monster412002000
Heavy Mech Support Armorきょうえんメカ・ヘビーアーマーEffect Monster3500500
Torque Tune Gearトルクチューン・ギアEffect Monster100
Union Driverユニオン・ドライバーEffect Monster521001000
Vylon Pentachloroヴァイロン・ペンタクロEffect Monster4500400
Vylon Tesseractヴァイロン・テセラクトEffect Monster4800600
W-Wing Catapultダブル-ウィング・カタパルトEffect Monster413001500
Y-Dragon Headワイ-ドラゴン・ヘッドEffect Monster415001600
Z-Metal Tankゼット-メタル・キャタピラーEffect Monster415001300