Card Tips:A Deal with Dark Ruler

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  • This can be activated after "Darklord Zerato" is destroyed from using its field clearing effect.
  • This card can also be activated after "Winged Kuriboh LV10" Tributes itself and destroys all your opponent's monsters, inflicting massive damage to them and leaving them wide open for attack.
  • A Level 8 monster can be Normal Summoned by paying 2000 Life Points while "Mausoleum of the Emperor" is on the field. Then if the monster is destroyed, activate this card.
  • This card may be easily activated by just activating the effect of "The Wicked Eraser", then a devastating advantage may be gained.
  • Summon "Lava Golem" to your opponent's field, then follow up by Summoning "Relinquished" and take it as a Spell Card. Attack with "Relinquished" for 3000 damage, then "Mystical Space Typhoon" your "Lava Golem", followed by this card to Summon "Berserk Dragon" for 3500 more. (Though not necessarily on the same turn.)
  • This card can be combo with a high Level Dragon-Type Deck, once one of your Dragons are removed, this card can be activated.
  • Use "Advance Draw" to send 1 Level 8 or higher monster monster on your field to Grave, after this, draw 2 card and this card can be activated to Summon "Berserk Dragon".
  • The effect of "Gagaga Magician" can be used to turn it into a Level 8 monster, and then attack a monster with higher ATK, so "Berserk Dragon" can be Summoned.