Card Tips:Absolute King Back Jack

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  • This card can work well in a "Sylvan" Deck. Not only does it excavate, but it can help search for useful Trap Cards (like "Sylvan Blessing") that might otherwise be sent to the bottom of the Deck. In addition, this card can be used in the same manner as "Sylvan Hermitree" to re-order the Deck for more precise excavation.
    • In fact, excavating cards in general, like with "Kuribandit", "Archfiend's Oath" or another copy of this card, can help to trigger this card's effect.
  • This card works well in a Paleozoic deck, providing both an emergency combat trick and minor deck manipulation.
  • The effects of "Absolute King Back Jack" are also sometimes used in Chain Burn decks. The ability to excavate the top 3 Traps of a Burn deck and then pick the one you want next turn is very useful. You may also banish "Absolute King Back Jack" from your Graveyard to get the Normal Trap immediately during your opponent's turn.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • This card can be searched by "Last Will".
  • In a "Last Turn" Deck, you can use "A Feather of the Phoenix" to place a Trap from your Graveyard on top of your Deck, which you can use to catch your opponent by surprise. If your Deck focuses on boosting your opponent's LP as well as fulfilling this card's LP cost, that Trap can be "Self-Destruct Button".